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Home Remodeling in
West University Place

If you’re aiming to renovate your home, we can’t wait to help.

The truth is — we hate living in backdated homes with poor designs. Remodeling your home raises its value. And as you experience a wide range of style, comfort, and relaxation, it serves your mental state too.

We genuinely care about your needs when it comes to remodeling procedures. It doesn’t matter if it’s your bedroom interior change or a whole kitchen remodel – we’re prepared to do whatever you want.

Our company offers an extensive range of services to help you upgrade, modify, and remodel properly.

Our mission isn’t just to make the house gorgeous. We strive to fulfill your needs too. And with us, you’ll be armed with a lot of functionalities to make your life easier.

Custom Cabinets

Have an idea how you wish your cabinets to look like, but can’t find them anywhere? Don’t worry, we will build them for you.

We ensure you are provided with the highest quality hand-made cabinets, both for residential and commercial projects.

We specialize in:

  • Custom-built cabinets,
  • Hand-made cabinets,
  • Unfinished cabinets,
  • Builder cabinets.

Whether you need a kitchen or home office cabinets, we can craft them according to your preferences and style.

For more information, visit our website Everhart Cabinetry.

Kitchen Remodeling in

West University Place

The kitchen is a synonym for family and bonding. People bond over food, and hence kitchen has become, in a way, a sacred cozy space that keeps the family together.

And those special moments should be captured in a beautiful, functional, and modern kitchen, not a messy and poorly designed one. Home remodeling can help you better equip your kitchen, make better use of space and enhance the experience of cooking.

We have remodeled numerous kitchens in West University Place, and seeing the homeowners happy and eager to try out all the new functionalities is what drives us.

All you need to do is sit and talk to our designers. Let them know what you have in mind, choose the materials and colors, and we will do all the heavy lifting.

Call us now, and dine in your new kitchen tomorrow.

Bathroom Remodeling in West University Place

Your bathroom comes with a substantial role in your daily life. A massive part of your mental relaxation and physical relaxation revolves around the condition of your bathroom.

No one wants their first thing in the morning to be frustration as they enter the outdated, messy, and dysfunctional bathroom. It ruins your day, and if every day starts like that, eventually you will become highly dissatisfied with your life.

There are numerous reasons people opt for bathroom remodeling, some for aesthetics and others for usability. Whatever your reason might be, we are here to help you.

Call us and allow us to craft the bathroom you have envisioned.

Room Additions in West University Place

Not enough space in your house? Adding more rooms is the answer. When you add more rooms, your lifestyle regarding family, entertainment, studying, guests, etc., improves.

Our team of professionals is keen to make your life easier at all times. Whether you need a playroom for kids, a private study room, or just a space for entertainment, our experts have you covered.

We strive to increase your home’s value, satisfy your demands, and offer the most appealing look.

Call us and tell us all about your problems and ideas, and we will handle the rest.

Outdoor Remodeling in West University Place

We provide numerous outdoor remodeling services to ensure you maximize the functionality and usability of your property but also enhance its aesthetics:

  • Roofs
  • Patios, porches, balconies
  • Outdoor kitchens and firepits
  • Entertainment fixtures
  • Facades and accents
  • Custom designs and everything that you desire

After decades of experience, we have enhanced the exterior of dozens of homes in West University Place alone. From Villanova and Weslayan, all the way to Robinhood street, you can find quite a few of our happy homeowners.

Whatever idea you have in mind or problem that needs solving, just contact us. Our experienced designers will create the best solution for you.

Call us, and we will do the magic.

Commercial Remodeling

Whether you own a busy local restaurant or an accounting firm, you will eventually need some remodeling services.

Outdated and dysfunctional designs can lead to frustration, decreased productivity, and dissatisfaction among employees. Your potential clients and customers might feel like the service and products you are offering are also outdated.

Investing in commercial remodeling definitely pays off since it can better convey your brand image and core values while creating a modern, functional, aesthetically pleasing workspace.

We have completed over a hundred commercial projects and witnessed the fantastic positive transformation of various businesses across different industries.

Call us and let us elevate your business performance.

Building permits in West University Place

Most of the remodeling and renovation projects will require you to have a building permit.

Depending on the type of renovation, you will need to have at least one of the following permits:

  • Residential addition permit
  • Residential fill and grade permit
  • Residential site development permit
  • Residential roofing permit
  • Residential remodel permit

For precise information, visit the following website, West University Place TX – Permits.

If you decide to work with us, we will help you obtain the proper permit and walk you through the whole process.

The cost of remodeling in West University Place

The cost of remodeling and renovations in Southside Place is influenced by several different factors:

  • The surface of the area being remodeled
  • The type of remodeling
  • The quality and type of materials
  • The project length, and more.

If you are curious, here are a few projects we completed in Southside place and their prices:

These prices don’t represent the quote you will be given, as each remodeling project is unique and has different requirements. The only way to get an accurate quote is to contact us and schedule consultations.

About our projects in

West University Place

W. University Place might be a small town, but it has a big heart.

What makes it an ideal living place is the short distance from downtown Houston, the Galleria, and Texas Medical Center. You can comfortably raise your family in this city surrounded by tree-lined streets, well-kept homes, and not to mention the mind-blowing expansive park system.

But if you have been living in the city for a while now, your house might have worn out. And a backdated or small place is not very exciting. When this is the case, we always recommend our clients to do a home remodeling.

Home remodeling has been widely used by homeowners as a great alternative to moving out, and we have remodeled dozens of homes in West University Place.

Wherever you live, and whatever problem you have, call us. And we will translate your dreams into reality.

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