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10 Examples of Houston Room Additions

Nov 12, 2018 | Custom Home Renovation Blog, Room Additions

Houston room additions have been on your mind. Especially since you saw your friend’s recently completed fantasy home. It had everything you ever wanted. Pool tables, a wet bar, and more space for Netflix Nights then you could ever dream of. But then you realize a whole home renovation is out of your budget. But a Houston room addition isn’t.

Below we’re going to go over all the awesome rooms you can add onto your home.

“Host an ’80s themed night with classic games like Pac-Man.”

1. Game Rooms

Have you ever wanted a whole room for games? You could put in a pool table, a nice table for poker, board games, or chess. You could even dedicate your Houston room addition video games. Save one wall for arcade cabinets and another wall for everything console from Atari to the PS4!

Imagine this: It’s Friday night and you are wiped. All you want is some time to relax your brain. So why not invite your friends over for ’80s night? Rush playing the stereo while you and your buddies try for the high scores on Pac-Man! Or you could have Super Mario nights – nothing but you and your friends stomping on turtle shells and saving the

2. Guest Rooms

You just got off the phone with your family. They would LOVE to visit this year. There’s just one problem: you don’t have enough room. So why not add some guest rooms? The beauty of these Houston room additions is that they can be done in any style you like. Going for something modern? You could paint three walls white and have a fourth full of color. Or if you want something classic and calming, you could put in wood shelves for books.

Your family could settle in with photo albums from the shelves or a few classic books from greats like Stephen King or Michael Crichton.

3. Nursery

Is your family expanding? It might be time to expand your home, too. Let’s face it: moving is tough. First, there’s all the hassle of finding the best home that fits your needs. Then there’s all this negotiating with the seller and then, after all that, the packing and unpacking. It’s stressful just to think about it.

So why not expand instead? With a Houston room addition, you can customize the nursery exactly how you want it. And when the baby is old enough, you can easily convert it to their own personal space.

4. Hobby RoomHouston room additions

Do you like doing crafts? Maybe you like to quilt, sew, or fiddle with electronics! Well, now you can have a whole room just for crafting! The best part is you can design it for the type of hobby you do. Let’s say you love to restore old tech. You can add in extra outlets to ensure you have all the power you need. Or, if you’re really into sewing you can have a dedicated sewing table with oodles of drawers for supplies.

“Give your kids their own space to play.”

5. Playroom

Do you have little ones? Do you love the runaround and play? Why not add on a playroom? You put in games or toys they like to play, like LEGOs. Later, as they get older you can change up the games to match their interests. Or, you could put in a TV so they can have their own special movie room. You can even add the latest game console so they can play with their friends.

6. Sunroom

Do you like to relax in the sun but hate all the bugs? Why not add in a sunroom? A sunroom is perfect for if you want to enjoy the sun while still inside. It’s perfect for watching the rain or relaxing with a nice book. Plus, sunrooms are great for baking!


It has to do with fresh bread. If you’ve ever baked a fresh loaf you know that the dough needs warmth to rise. And the best warmth is in a room with plenty of sun light. So during the warmer days, you can rise the perfect loaf of bread for baking.

7. Home Office

Do you have to work from home sometimes? Maybe you need to finish a work project but don’t want to stay late. Or maybe home is your office. Whatever the case, more and more people are needing a decent space to get some work done. They like to have a solid space for paying bills, catching up on emails, or getting some serious work done.

And if you work from home, you know how important your workspace can be. You can’t just meet clients at the kitchen table. Nor can you concentrate on projects with all the foot traffic kitchens tend to get. So why not add a devoted space for your home office?

Plus, not only can this Houston room addition add value to your home, but it can also be a tax wright-off. Yes, your room addition can actually save you money on taxes.

8. Theater Room

Think for a second: You are dying to see the latest blockbuster. You wait in line for tickets, wait in line again for popcorn, and finally, sit in a still sticky chair. You brush it off and try to relax. Until the soda you drank goes right through you. You have no choice but to miss a scene.

Now imagine this: You take some freshly popped corn to your theater room. There are plush chairs with drink holders. There’s surround sound. And, there is a TV so large it’s like a movie screen!

You sit in the plush chairs, set the snacks on the table, and enjoy whatever you want. It could be the latest Netflix release or it could be a classic like Spaceballs or Blazing Saddles! All in the comfort of your new room addition.

9. Bathrooms

A guest bath could be one of the best Houston room additions. Think of it! Instead of waiting in line to take a shower when family visits, they can use the guest bath. That way, neither of you is waiting to get the day started.

Or, maybe you were thinking of adding on a master bathroom? A place to relax in a nice bubbly tub while the world’s worries melt away. A master bath makes it easier to get ready in the morning and gives you space to wind down how you like.

10. Family Suite

Sometimes called “Granny Flats,” these Houston room additions are perfect if your family is planning to live with you. They usually have a bedroom, bathroom, and sometimes a small living room. They’ve become popular because in-laws can come and go as they please.

Plus, the suite can be rented out! The family won’t use it forever and when the suite is free you can rent it and make money! How’s that for “suite!”

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