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Full-Service Kitchen Remodeling in Houston

Kitchen isn’t just a place for food preparation anymore. The kitchen is the heart of the home which brings everyone together and nurtures family relationships. 

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Here’s our thorough approach to your kitchen remodeling

Our Process

Our approach to kitchen remodeling is thorough and detail-oriented. Let us show you what it looks like working with us.

Step 1: Consultations
Consultations help us determine what your needs and wishes are. We will come and take measures of your kitchen space and try to understand how you envision your new kitchen space.
Step 2: Preparations
Our designers will help you choose the right materials, type of kitchen, colors, and textures, based on which we will create the project plan. We can also help you make blueprints, in the end, we specialize in putting your ideas on paper.
Step 3: Getting The Necessary Permits
We will help you obtain all the permits for the kitchen remodeling in the Houston area (some of them being plumbing, electricity, water supply, and building). You’ll also get the permits from an agency, your city, or your county.
Step 4: Remodeling

After we have agreed on everything, we start putting dreams into reality. This phase can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days depending on the scope of work. You can still make adjustments and changes to the project, just contact your assigned project manager. 

  1. Demolition
    Now comes the fun part — demolishing your old kitchen to build a new one in its place. This step is loud and messy but it’s the quickest.
  2. Structural Framing
    Framing involves adding or removing structural elements — for instance, windows, walls, or kitchen islands. This part is typically performed by the carpentry crew that, following your blueprint. Depending on the scale of kitchen renovations, this step can take quite a while, or be finished rather quickly.
  3. Mechanical Rough-In Phase
    Once the structure is set in place, it’s time to bring forward electricians, plumbers, and HVAC experts.
  4. Walls and Ceilings
    After all mechanical work has been completed and checked, it’s time to make your new kitchen finally look like a kitchen you have been dreaming about.
  5. Flooring
    Once you come to the flooring stage, you’re more than halfway through with kitchen renovations. Depending on the kind of flooring you choose, this step can be rather quick and simple, or difficult and time-consuming.
  6. Cabinets and Counters
    Now it’s time to start setting up your cabinets and counters, entering the final phase of the kitchen renovations. This phase doesn’t take long but requires patience and attention to detail.
  7. Installing Appliances
    Finally, we can bring all the new and old appliances you need for your kitchen, and finish up the kitchen renovations by installing them. When this step is finished, your kitchen will look just the way you pictured it!
Step 5: Dreams Delivered
Once we polish up your newly remodeled kitchen, all that is left is for you and your family to enjoy it and organize cozy family gatherings!

What Our Clients Say About Their Kitchens

“I have referred several friends to Everhart Construction, as I have known this to be a first rate remodeling company in Houston for many years.

The quality of the work is exceptional, and their integrity is well established. If you want to have high quality work, and fair honest price, you will be very happy with the result”

Our customers take photos of their newly remodeled homes

Kitchen Renovation & Design Styles

Kitchen Remodeling Houston Texas


Most used kitchen style. They have grandiose design and basic color palette with grand attention to detail. All areas have embellishments and detailing that looks layered but not excessive or overbearing.
Bathroom Remodeling Houston TX


A Shaker Kitchen is a distinctly minimal kitchen style containing a clean-lined design with little or no decoration. Such kitchens come with understated elegance and simple lines that stood the test of time.

Room Additions in Houston TX


Contemporary kitchens are one of the most famous. They are clean, uncluttered, and stylish – but liveable, and super practical. Thanks to their space-saving design, they fit into about all sizes of kitchen areas.

Kitchen Remodeling Houston Texas


The so-called vintage era was from 1920 to 1950. Whether inspired by old-world scullery or 1930s diner, such kitchens harbor contemporary convenience and charm. Their details are exquisitely made and never go out of style.

Bathroom Remodeling Houston TX


An organic design aims to minimize the used resources to create products, which harm our environment less. Such kitchens are well-designed and constructed, requiring minimal upkeep and maintenance to keep them updated.
Room Additions in Houston TX

Custom Works

Everhart Construction’s fully customized designs, rich showroom, remarkable customer service, and outstanding craftsmanship. We create Custom Cabinets according to your wishes that fit perfectly with your home or commercial spaces.

Commercial Kitchen Remodeling

We understand the role kitchen plays in all environments.

Restaurants have completely different needs than corporate offices or homes. We approach commercial kitchens with focus and make sure to create the best solution for your case. 

Our designers will design a functional kitchen that matches the style, branding, and culture of your business.

Kitchen Remodel Cost and Project Length

The cost and length of the project depend on various different factors:

  1. Materials
  2. Scope of work
  3. The current state of the kitchen
  4. Surface of remodeling area
  5. The kitchen type and design
  6. And more.

The cost of kitchen remodeling project ranges from $10,000 to more than $100,000.

The best way to get precise and accurate cost and timeline of your project is by contacting us.

After the in-house consultations, we will be able to provide you with the accurate quote.

Our Kitchen Remodeling

and Renovation Projects

Check out some of our beautiful Houston Kitchen remodeling projects.

We can help you with all these:

You have already bought some of the stuff for your new kitchen?
No problem!
We can incorporate them into the design and install them for you.
Kitchen Backsplash Installation
Being Houston’s most trusted home remodeling and renovations company, you can leave the job to us to get it done right. Our kitchen backsplash installation services are made to protect your kitchen walls from kitchen splatter and typical kitchen liquid. Everhart Construction’s services eliminate items off your schedule so you can lay back and enjoy.
Kitchen Cabinet Installation
Did you get brand new kitchen cabinets? Everhart Construction’s services can help you install them and ensure they’re straight, secure, and aligned. Also, our skilled men can re-arrange your existing cabinets into a new formation that you’ll love.
Kitchen Countertop Installation
We ensure top countertop professionals of our team help you install yours. This doesn’t just allow you to customize the countertop to your kitchen but makes sure it’s installed to the exact specifications and correctly supported. With us, rest assured Everhart Construction’s countertop installation will be done right the very first time.
Sink Installation
At Everhart Construction, when we install your new sink, we ensure it’s done correctly with zero leaks that can cause damage in the long term. We ensure your kitchen isn’t just functional, but gorgeous-looking
Other Services
  • New Cabinets in Houston and the surrounding area
  • Custom Cabinets in Houston and the surrounding area
  • Kitchen Island in Houston and the surrounding area
  • Kitchen Countertops in Houston and the surrounding area
  • Fixtures in Houston and the surrounding area
  • Backsplash in Houston and the surrounding area
  • Appliances in Houston and the surrounding area
  • Vent Hoods in Houston and the surrounding area
  • Exhaust Fan in Houston and the surrounding area
  • Sink, Plumbing in Houston and the surrounding area
  • Hardware in Houston and the surrounding area
  • Painters in Houston and the surrounding area
  • Window Coverings in Houston and the surrounding area
  • Storage in Houston and the surrounding area
  • Flooring in Houston and the surrounding area

Our Kitchen remodeling projects

Check out some of our kitchen remodeling projects

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Open Kitchen

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Major Kitchen Transformation

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1970’s Kitchen Remodel

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Contemporary Condo Kitchen

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Frequently Asked Questions on Kitchen Remodeling

What is the cost of kitchen remodeling in Houston, TX?

The cost of kitchen remodeling usually starts from $10,000 for a simple kitchen remodeling project. We can help you with the whole kitchen remodeling project – from a designing your dream kitchen, to building custom kitchen cabinets, and remodeling your kitchen.


Several factors determine the cost:

  1. The scope of work
  2. The quantity and quality of materials being used
  3. The amount of electrical and plumbing work
  4. The style and type of kitchen a client wants.
Does Everhart Construction handle everything when it comes to kitchen remodeling?

Yes, we do. 

We provide you with the design, materials, project plan, custom cabinetry, electrical and plumbing works, and much more. 

We create every part and type of the kitchen:

  1. Kitchen Islands
  2. Kitchen Cabinets
  3. Kitchen Countertops
  4. Kitchen Backsplashes
  5. Kitchen Flooring
  6. Outdoor Kitchens 
  7. And more.
Do I need to hire additional contractors when working with Everhart?

No, you won’t need to hire additional contractors when working with us.

Everhart is a full-service remodeling company, meaning that we handle everything from design to installations, including sourcing the materials, cabinet crafting, and more.

Do I need to have an idea for the design before reaching out to you?

You don’t!

Everhart is a remodeling and design company, and most clients don’t have a clear idea of what they want. 

That is why you reach out to us – so we can create a custom design that fits your home and needs perfectly.

What’s the difference between kitchen remodel and kitchen renovation?

Remodel simply alters the structure of your current kitchen. For example, switching up the layout a bit, or polishing up the cabinets. 

Renovation is a complete upgrade – demolition of old and installation of new. It is essentially changing everything, from cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, flooring, etc. Renovation can also alter and change the layout of your kitchen.