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Garage to bedroom conversion Houston

Need an extra bedroom in your home and can’t build up or out? Convert your garage into an additional bedroom to add more functional living space to your home.


Single car garage conversion to a studio apartment

Garage to a studio apartment is fantastic if you want to rent out the place or create a nice living area for guests or family members. 

It is especially suitable if it’s a stand-alone or detached garage since it allows guests or tenants to maintain a level of privacy.

Partial garage conversion

Don’t want to convert your entire garage into a living space? Consider converting it into a bedroom, office, home gym, game room, etc.

People who have a two-car or even bigger garage usually opt for this type of conversion, since they would like to keep some area for their car, but also make use of the unused space.


Garage office conversion

With employers offering even more remote work flexibility, converting all of or part of your garage into a home office can help give you the space you need to step away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of your household and focus on your work.

You can either convert the whole garage into the office, or just a part of it. In case you have unused space above the garage, we can do room addition on top of the garage, too.

2 car garage conversion

Bigger garages mean there’s more room to convert into living space. Just think of all the things you can do with a two-car garage.

You can convert it into a whole apartment with a small kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. You can create a master suite or additional living space for guests or children.

We can also do a partial garage conversion, which means you will be left with garage space for one car and a functional living area.


Garage gym conversion

Gym memberships come with their fair share of hassle. Not only are you on the hook for membership fees, and commuting to and from the location, but you have to deal with other people and equipment availability when you’re there. 

Converting your garage into a gym can eliminate this hassle and creates your own personal training oasis just steps away from where you eat, sleep and relax.

Garage to master suite conversion

Turn your garage into that master bedroom suite that you’ve always wanted.

And if it is big enough, complete it with a Jacuzzi tub, walk-in shower, spacious living area, and whatever other comforts you desire.

If your garage is not large enough to accommodate all your wishes, we can enlarge it.


Integral garage conversion

If your garage is attached – or integral – it makes the conversion all the more convenient, regardless of how you decide to do it.

Integral garages are usually converted into additional bathrooms or bedrooms.

Stand-alone detached garage conversion

Standalone garage conversions are perfect for making into studio apartments, home offices, and gyms. 

Being that they’re detached from the home, there’s a sense of privacy or “getting away” from the rest of the household.


Single car garage conversion to studio apartment

If the single car garage is detached, and of appropriate size, we can convert it into the studio apartment. 

Homeowners opt for this in order to make money from renting the space, but also to create a functional living area for guests. 

The garage can be converted to studio apartment even if it is attached or integral, by removing the door connecting it to the house if needed. It all depends on your wishes.

Custom Garage Conversions

Have an idea for a garage conversion that you don’t see on this list? Let us know – we’re happy to perform custom work too. 

Maybe you want to convert your garage to a photography studio, playroom, sunroom, or something completely different and unique. 

Don’t worry, we can assist you with whatever you have envisioned. 

Schedule your free in-house consultations, and we will determine how to convert your dreams into reality!

Trusted Garage Conversion Contractors in Houston, TX

Giving your garage purpose via conversion is the fastest and easiest way to create more functional living space on your property. Whatever your conversion end goal is, we’ll do it. 

We specialize in all different types of garage conversions, from office conversions to master suites to custom conversions

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What is The Cost of Garage Conversion

Garage conversion cost varies based on the type of conversion being performed, as well as the type and style. 

Various factors that can influence the cost of your conversion project, such as:

  • The size of the project.
  • Materials used (and current supply and demand).
  • Amount of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work.
  • Area building codes.

Cost of garage conversion usually starts at $10,000, and can reach even a hundred thousand dollars depending on the size and type of conversion.

Our Work – Garage Conversion Before and After

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Roof Off Garage Addition

Carport conversion Houston

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