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Designing Senior Friendly Bathrooms Since 2005

If you’re like most older adults, you want to enjoy retirement in the comfort of your own home — not a senior living community. However, since nearly 80 percent of falls occur in the bathroom, you will need to make some modifications to safely age in place.

We have worked with hundreds of homeowners to create stylish yet functional bathrooms for the elderly

These powder rooms and master en suites incorporate a variety of safety features, including:


Zero-Threshold Shower


Lifting a leg over a shower curb can be difficult for older adults, especially those who use a wheelchair or walker. To avoid slips and falls, install a zero-threshold shower. These showers have no curb whatsoever and can be designed to fit the tiniest of spaces, making them a great small bathroom remodel idea for seniors. 

Grab Bars


Grab bars provide extra security in the bathroom, helping seniors balance themselves after using the toilet or shower. At Everhart Construction, we understand how to properly install grab bars. We also understand how to seamlessly incorporate these safety features into modish bathroom designs.   

Walk-in Tubs


Do you prefer to soak after a long day? If so, opt for a walk-in tub. Unlike standard bathtubs, walk-in tubs have a watertight door that allows homeowners to step in over a very low threshold. Once the door closes, the tub fills up with water.

Slip and Fall Prevention


To prevent accidents in your bathroom, opt for a non-slip flooring material like porcelain, ceramic, or engineered hardwood. You can also replace your toilet with a taller model. This makes sitting and standing less difficult and, in doing so, mitigates the risk of falling.

Shower Heads


Picking the right shower head can greatly reduce the likelihood of falling while bathing. Always select a detachable head with a long tube so that the user can get clean while sitting on a shower chair. The showerhead should also be light enough for someone with arthritis to handle.



Most traditional bathroom vanities and cabinets aren’t created with wheelchair users in mind. To create a safe, usable space for yourself or an older loved one, ensure that there are at least 27 inches of clearance under the vanity and that cabinets are low to the ground. 

Doorways and Stairs


When tackling a bathroom for seniors, we widen doorways to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers. 

According to ADA guidelines, doors should be between 32 and 48 inches wide. You should also consider replacing steps with ramps or a chair lift. Or, if there’s no powder room on the main level, you can opt for a bathroom addition.



To prevent slips and falls, lighting is key. You can either lower light switches, making them easier to each, or you can install motion or sound-activated lighting. These lights are perfect for elderly homeowners because they don’t have to fumble around in the dark to manually turn them on. 

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Every homeowner deserves to live in a safe and accessible space. That’s why we offer premium bathroom remodeling services to seniors in the greater Houston area

Whether you want to remove slippery marble flooring or install a walk-in tub, our team can make it happen. But before we hammer a single nail, we’ll meet with you at our full-service showroom to learn more about your vision.

How long does a bathroom remodel for seniors take?

Typically, a bathroom remodel for seniors will take about 4.5 weeks. However, this timeline can be influenced by many factors such as product availability, permitting and inspections, and unforeseen issues like termite or water damage. 

Since construction can be disruptive, especially if you’re remodeling a bathroom, our Craftsmen work diligently to complete all projects on time

The cost of bathroom remodel for seniors

We understand that price is an important concern for homeowners. With this in mind, we provide all clients with a firm cost estimate and do everything in our power to stay on budget.

The exact cost of a bathroom remodel for seniors master bathroom depends on factors such as:


  • The type of materials
  • The size of the bathroom
  • The scope of the project
  • If the existing floor plan will change


However, for a mid-range master bathroom remodel, you can expect to pay between $10,000 and $25,000.