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Kitchen Remodeling

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Houston Kitchen Designers

Everhart Construction can take care of all your kitchen remodeling & kitchen renovation projects, from start to finish. Our team can help design, create, and remodel your whole kitchen. Our talented Houston kitchen remodeling team can transform your outdated kitchen by our professional chef’s kitchen.

Kitchen Design Styles

As kitchen remodeling professionals, we realize that everyone has different taste and style and that is why we make sure to carry out our client’s vision.  We also offer custom kitchen remodeling and design, to give your home that personalized look.

We have design experience in a range of different kitchen styles including:

  • Traditional
  • Saker
  • Contemporary
  • Vintage
  • Organic

We can customize your kitchen design to fit your unique style.

We use high-quality kitchen surface materials such as granite, marble, travertine, and quartz countertops. From countertops to cabinets and flooring, the possibilities are endless. As your Houston kitchen designers, we will guide you through the process and ensure that you will achieve a kitchen renovation that reflects your style and taste.

Kitchen Renovation Houston

A kitchen’s backsplash can create a stylish statement, tying together the other elements of the room. Intricate or simple backsplash designs and patterns can be created using ceramic or glass tile.

We have many different kitchen remodel & renovation options available for your Houston kitchen flooring ranging from common types such as tile, hardwood, slate, linoleum, natural stone, and wood to the greener and more ergonomic cork and bamboo.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

There is so much variety when it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets, which range in finish from dark to light, textured to glazed, and they can be made from any type of wood or solid material imaginable. Our in house cabinet shop is equiped to create the perfect custom kitchen cabinets for your renovation project.

We can remodel your kitchen to give it more workspace, more storage, an island, open concept, or make it an eat-in kitchen. Investing in your kitchen is the most responsible and lucrative decision you make as a homeowner!

Kitchen Remodeling Services

Here are just a few of our Houston kitchen remodeling services we offer:Houston Kitchen Remodeling

  • Kitchen Backsplash Installation
  • Cabinet Installation
  • Countertop Installation
  • Custom Kitchen remodeling
  • Tile Installation
  • Kitchen Remodel and Renovation
  • Sink Installation

Enjoy Peace of Mind

We love serving our Houston area neighbors and want you to enjoy coming home as much as we do. Below are a few points which offer some insight into our quality workmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction. If that doesn’t say it all, just ask.

  • We have consistently won the BBB gold star award!
  • 1300 Remodeling projects completed in 3 years. Not one complaint with the Better Business Bureau!
  • We offer free next day consultations.

Texas Kitchen Updates & Remodel Styles

Spoil the chef in your kitchen with a stylish, yet timeless kitchen. Perhaps you enjoy the dramatic and ornate appeal of a romantic or old-world style kitchen. Traditional style is always in fashion, but customizing your kitchen to meet your unique style or blend of styles gives it character and charm.

Shaker style kitchens are gaining in popularity because of their minimalist design, clean lines, and timeless simplicity. Vintage kitchens combine elements of classic hardware, intricate details, and mix reclaimed and contemporary designs. Rustic kitchens are also among the most popular (we are in Texas after all) because they are less formal and very inviting. With a kitchen remodel from Everhart Construction, you will never have to cook alone again!

Kitchen Countertops | Everhart Construction

We can transform your kitchen countertops into an unrecognizable thing of beauty without actually taking anything apart.

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Our team of professionals can renew the surface of your counters, fixing any dents, scratches or blemishes and creating a smooth, good-as-new exterior. We can also go a step further and change the color to suit your tastes. The refacing process allows us to be flexible in many ways.

If you would prefer to have entirely new countertops installed, we can take care of that as well. There are several types of materials to choose from for durability and elegance. Contact us to discuss the available options and to kick-start your counter refacing project.

Kitchen Remodels Gallery

Kitchen Cabinets | Everhart Construction

Are your cabinets looking worn? Is the paint chipping away? Are you simply tired of looking at the same cabinets day after day?

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A cabinet update project can do wonders for your kitchen, keeping the same basic infrastructure but changing the outward appearance into something classy, edgy or just simply new.

Besides being an affordable and quick option, choosing to update rather than replace your kitchen cabinets has another benefit: you’ll be able to use your kitchen immediately. Our professionals are quick but precise, and they won’t be taking over your kitchen for days while they do their work. The minimal disruption means that you’ll have less to worry about. So why wait? Call us for an in-home consultation.

Kitchen Remodels Gallery

floor kitchen remodel

We can also give your kitchen a facelift by updating the backsplash or any other tiled fixtures. We can fix cracks, chips and discolorations

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add a fresh coat of shiny veneer, and even change the color of the tiles while we’re at it.

If you need a more radical change than that, we can remove the backsplash altogether and replace it to your liking, with another tile design or with various stylish and functional waterproof options. The backsplash is an opportunity to show off your artistic flair or to perfectly complement the other design elements in your kitchen. If you’re not sure what to do with the space, but you know you want to do something, consult with Everhart Construction’s team of designers to see what we can do for you.

Kitchen Remodels Gallery

appliance-remodel Everhart Construction

If your kitchen is still mostly unchanged since the time you bought your home, it might be feeling outdated due to its fixtures.

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You might be happy with the size and depth of your kitchen sink, for example, but the burnt sienna color darkens your kitchen and leaves something to be desired. We can help, and you won’t need to replace the sink itself.

We can also help you change the exterior appearance of your appliances, without the expense of actually needing to replace them. Yes, you can pull off the stainless steel look!

Are you ready for a full consultation? Contact Everhart Construction today to discuss our kitchen update services. We know you’ll be happy with the results.

Kitchen Remodels Gallery

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