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Old World Bath

Project Description

Character, Charm, Elegance, Detail & Intricacy Define a World that is All but Not Forgotten. A Furniture Style Vanity and Stand Alone Apothecary Cabinet Make this Space True to the Quality of History. Trademark Subway Tile Offsetting the Hand-laid Hexagonal Floor Add Notions of Time and Effort Spent into the Building of the Space. Wall Sconces Framing in the Decorative Mirror (Hung After Photo) Bring this Bathroom in Close for a Personal and Elegant Touch. Extra Moldings such as a Horizontal Chair Rail Mounted 42" High Draw your Eye Around the Room. And while you're Glancing, Notice how Authentic Period Décor can Truly Bring Yourself into the Wonder of Yester Year.

  • Duration:3 1/2 Weeks
  • Cost:28,000
  • Designed By:Everhart Team

1655 Townhurst Drive
Suite #100
Houston, TX 77043