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Closet to a Full Bath Conversion

Project Description

The goal here was simple: turning a barely-used bedroom closet into a fully functional, bath. The means to how to achieve this, were not as simple until we created a well thought out floor plan that was accurate to the inch. In order to accomplish this, we had to borrow a section of what was an “L” shaped master closet. However in order to regain this lost space, we then borrowed a section of unused floor space from the living room. As shown in the photos, this is the wall with the arched and lighted niche. Whenever we aim to build a project like this, the ultimate goal is to make the room(s) feel like they were always built this way, to continue the existing flow of the home and rooms. We provided all fixtures including the vanity cabinet, commode, tub, sink & faucet, shower head, valve & tub faucet. By using a plumber’s camera, we were able to tie into the nearest main sewer with little to no disruption to the other rooms. The master closet was rebuilt with double the shelving that it began with and the bedroom we added the bath to now has a new basic closet complete with a light fixture.

  • Duration:3 Weeks
  • Cost:22000
  • Designed By:Nick Chiosa

1655 Townhurst Drive
Suite #100
Houston, TX 77043