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Our Work: Premium Cherry Cabinet Kitchen

Project Description

Nothing says “executive kitchen” like cherry cabinetry. If you have tall ceilings and you really want to own the joint, double stack them with glass fronts up top. Naturally, if you’re going to do that, then you’d have everhart install lights within the upper cabinets. Yet- no premium display of kitchenery would be complete without top of the line appliances which can be seen throughout this culinary work of art. This legitimate kitchen includes executive features such as an elegant ogee edge streamlined across all countertops, finished matching end panels at all end cabinets, even decorative tile inlays above the main cooking feature. Attention to small details such as the location of the sink faucet being set off to the side allows for a clearer passing of plates & dishes to and from the bar area. Decora switches & outlets are located at the uppermost portion of the backsplash to be less noticeable, yet more convenient than if they were located on the underside of the cabinetry. Here we have installed a kitchen that is as masterful in it’s presentation, as the room addition which accompanied it.



6 Weeks



Designed By

Lee Mash