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Our Work: Hall Bath Remodel – Glasser

Project Description

For a Fresh, Cleaner Look

Gutting a bathroom wall requires more than muscle power. The aspects of electrical wiring, and plumbing supply, and drain vents inside the bathroom walls need to be considered. Also, large fixtures such as bathtubs or shower must be removed with care.

And we did just that for this client.

To provide the much needed natural light and an open, airy feeling, we removed – the wall, the tub, the shower handles and the spout – and replaced it with custom tiles and a glass wall.

New cabinets were picked from Everhart’s cabinet shop, and the bathroom was given a modern color scheme through-out.

Result: A Happy Family 🙂

If you’re remodeling a bathroom, there’s a lot many good reasons to go all the way and find a new transformation.



3 1/2 Weeks



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Hall Bath Remodel