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Copperfield Classic Kitchen Remodel Project

Project Description

Warm, classic tones with a modern spin, define this space which is as soothing to be in as the photos depict. A slightly darker engineered wood floor pulls out some of the fawn like stain in the cabinetry color making this color combination interact beautifully. Plenty of storage in this modestly sized kitchen with the smart location of appliances as well as an additional large double pantry. A large window at the sink runs all the way to the countertop letting in maximum light and avoids the unnecessary and hard to clean “lip” that can be present when the window starts above the counter. Rich looking crown molding, evenly spaced under cabinet lighting and additional features such as the 2 mini spot lights in the high plant/ book shelf add notions of attention to detail and make for a space that we would all be happy to be in. A convenient appliance garage stows away unsightly countertop appliances and helps this kitchen always looking photo-ready. The modern spin is most elegantly displayed in the square, eased edge of the quartz countertop and the careful obtuse angles that provide for both an added overhang on one side of the peninsula for seating, as well as following the contour of the cabinetry on the opposite end. The modern electric cooktop is as sleek and streamlined as the ceiling is with the addition of a downdraft vent. Now there is no need for a large cumbersome vent-hood that would have impeded natural light and a clear view- keeping this kitchen open feeling, yet at the same time both private and intimate. Pendent lights here can truly be appreciated and with archways and all, this kitchen feels like a warm breeze. Of the business that occupies it.



6 Weeks



Designed By

Lee Mash