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Our Work: Beautiful Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

Project Description

Top notch appliances are showcased like the works of art they are in this completely custom kitchen. All cabinetry was hand built by everhart’s skilled craftsmen to give the homeowners the ability to customize the; location, type, size and function of each cabinet door & drawer. Inset doors & drawers afforded us the clean cut lines that the homeowner was trying to achieve. In this kitchen we removed the existing oven wall to open the kitchen up to the proper size and scale considering the overall area of the dining and living rooms. Seamless transitions between the wood and tile floor provide for a truly open floor plan. The homeowners had marvelous taste which is exemplified in these photos. White quartz countertops line the perimeter of the kitchen with an exotic granite slab featured at the island. A modern 1/2″ glass bar top mounted with cylindrical chrome posts give an infinity edge to the bar/ serving area. Playful disc like pendant lights break up the hardness of the right angles and tie into the beautiful custom rounded mullions in the glass doors. This kitchen had to be contemporary & sleek, while still being functional & good for entertaining/ hosting dinner parties. The large overhang on the island provides the perfect central location to gather around the heart of the home!



10 Weeks



Designed By

Nick Chiosa