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6 Examples of Houston Garage Additions

May 20, 2019 | Outdoor remodeling

Are you parking your car on the curb, hoping no one hits it as they are driving by? Are you peeking through the window every chance you can, making sure your vehicle is safe on the driveway? Be at ease and consider adapting garage additions!

Having a garage addition added to your home can have plenty of benefits, such as:

  • Protecting it from weather (hail, snow, rain)
  • Pollen
  • Theft
  • Bumps and scratches from other vehicles

Keep reading below to find out 6 examples of Houston garage additions available to you!

1. Side Attached Garage Additions

Firstly, garage additions can be added to the side of your home! When there is an attached garage, you can match it to complement the look and style of your home.

Best of all, you can match the color, texture, material, and vibe that you already carry throughout your home. It looks natural and flows well with the rest of your home, so no one will ever know your garage was added on!

home with garage additions

When considering attaching your garage addition to your home, make sure you analyze and plan with your construction team for the most effective strategies to save space.

You might not want to add a garage on the side that can conflict with your garden, lawn, or backyard gate access.

In addition, consider if you want the garage additions to be for vehicles, storage, or something else. You can park your vehicles in your garage or store your Christmas decor all year long!

2. Front Attached Garage Addition

Want easier access to your vehicle? Consider placing your garage additions in the front of your home. When you park in the front, it can be easier for you to transport your groceries, get the kids in the car, and access your vehicle easily every day.

Locating it in front of your home may also be an option when getting a garage addition. Once you do your garage addition in the front, you are providing a different look to your home. This option can also provide you with a larger backyard space.

In addition, your new front attached garage might take away some of your front lawn, too. Be cautious about selecting this option due to it taking up square footage of your garden, lawn, or walkways. These might be things you want to consider before completing your garage addition.

“Once you do your garage addition in the front, you might take away a little of your home view.”

3. Three-Vehicle Capacity Garage

Have many vehicles that don’t fit in your driveway? Try getting 3-car garage additions!

Having your vehicles parked in a line on your driveway can be troublesome. Especially when you have to let each person out every time and have other cars block you.

Having garage additions like this can also be beneficial by creating space for guests’ cars, especially if you have plenty of family visits throughout the year. They will feel much better about their cars being parked in a closed environment than on the curb, risking them getting a ticket or sideswiped.

This can be a task that your construction team can help you accomplish. They can assist you in identifying the space necessary for this to happen.

“Having garage additions like this can also be be beneficial by creating space for guests’ cars.”

4. Storage

Storage garage additions may be just what you need! Maybe you don’t have enough space in your home for all the extra decorations in boxes. Or maybe your kids have gone to college and left behind their belongings that are driving you insane because they’re in the way!

Having a storage space separate from your home can also be beneficial. You won’t have to be running everywhere, struggling to find the things that you need. Instead, you can create labels and organize items in containers to sort your belongings.

These garage additions can be great for sports and activity items, too! You can store a canoe, fishing gear, camping equipment, bicycles, your kids’ football gear, almost anything!

It’s great to clear out some clutter in your home and alleviate the clutter in the hallways and the attic, too.

“Having garage additions like this can also be be beneficial by creating space for guests’ cars.”

5. Behind Your Home

If having your garage additions placed on the front or back of your home is not for you, consider it having it in your backyard! Sometimes, it might be more convenient for you to have space on your front lawn than the backyard.

If you have a nice fence or even a nice, healthy, green lawn, you probably want to show it off. Create a nice driveway that will give you a great effect as you’re pulling in!

In addition, this can be just for you if you want to give your front lawn a cleaner look. If you want to have one that is not visible to guests and visitors, a you can have it attached to the back of your home can be a great thing to do! button for gallery

6. Detached Garage Addition

If having garage additions stuck to your home is just not your thing, than consider having your garage detached. Having a separate garage on your property can also give your home a pleasurable look! It might even make your home look bigger.

One thing that you can do is match the exterior of the detached garage to the exterior of your home! This will keep both buildings in sync and provide an overall flow to the property.

Of course, they must be built depending on the vehicles that you’re going to store inside it.For example, if you have large vehicles or trucks, you might want to consider the space needed to store it versus the space needed to store a Volkswagen Beetle or other small cars. Take the sizes of vehicles in consideration when selecting the type of garage you are wanting.

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