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Over the last 15 years, we have remodeled dozens of homes in Klein. Is it a time to remodel yours?

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Home Remodeling in Klein

Your home reflects your class in front of guests. Living in a home that ultimately meets all your requirements and satisfies your guests is an advantage.

But just like a bigger and more functional home makes you feel upbeat, a smaller and outdated home can make you feel frustrated eventually.

So don’t let the size of your home impact your body negatively. Instead, expand it and add whatever you feel is missing. We can update the interior, add a cozy balcony, remove any unnecessary structures, replace certain things and whatnot,

We don’t only come with experience; we also have a great range of home remodeling services. With such broad services available, we can quickly deliver you a highly personalized, modified, and upgraded home.

Everhart Cabinets

Don’t go shopping for furniture and cabinets before scheduling your appointment with a home remodeling contractor.

Most of the time, you aren’t entirely sure what is the best solution or how you want something to look like, or you just can’t find suitable cabinets.

You should tailor the cabinets towards the design and ideas you have, not the other way around. Luckily, we provide you with the best and highest quality custom-made cabinets in Houston.

We specialize in:

  1. Custom-built cabinets,
  2. Hand-made cabinets,
  3. Unfinished cabinets,
  4. Builder cabinets.

For more information, visit our website, Custom Cabinetry in the Houston area.

Kitchen Remodeling in Klein

Kitchen is more than just a cooking workspace. It helps strengthen your relationship with family and friends. It also portrays a good image of your identity.

That’s why it’s essential to have a spacious, well-equipped, and beautiful kitchen. We can do any design or theme you want. You just tell us all your requirements and our expert team will take a good look at the current kitchen and help you with the best option to go with.

Whichever design or theme you may have in mind, we will turn it into reality and ensure that the kitchen has better functions than the previous one. Bonus is our Custom Built Cabinets which will effectively reduce the kitchen’s unorganized mess.

This way, you’ll have the best cooking experience and be proud to invite the guests and show the beauty off.

Bathroom Remodeling in Klein

The best place to guarantee your relaxation and sanitation is the bathroom. A cluttered, messy, unclean, or confined bathroom is no one’s first choice. If you’re stuck with one just like this, maybe it’s time to get rid of the bathroom and welcome a better one.

We are always concerned about the client’s hygiene and mental peace. So we take bathroom remodeling more seriously. Our 15 years of experience have taught us that bathroom or powder room remodeling is more sensitive than any other project as it involves the client’s health.

Let us know what changes you’d like to see in your new bathroom, and we’ll handle it very carefully. We are open to hundreds of ideas and appreciate all the creativity.

Room Addition in Klein

Tired of living in a limited space house? Don’t have enough room to have guests over? Try adding rooms to the house.

We take all the responsibilities to give you your required room. Whether you want a beautiful living space, sunroom, music room, study room, or maybe just an extra bedroom, we can do it all for you.

Our expert team of highly skilled people understands your choices, requirements, and preferences and blends our expertise to develop a beautiful new room to increase your home’s value.

With us, your opinion and choices are valued so you can get the best remodeling service in Klein, Memorial City, and surrounding areas.

Outdoor remodeling in Klein

Outdoor remodeling can increase the market value of your home tremendously. And not only that, but it can improve your standard of living and enhance your lifestyle.

Seeing your home looking fancy and brand new every time you get back home or getting compliments from guests feels terrific.

We have fixed and enhanced the exterior of dozens of homes in the Klein area. Our service range for outdoor remodeling is as wide as it gets:

  • Outdoor kitchens and firepits
  • Entertainment fixtures
  • Facades and accents
  • Porches and patios
  • Balconies
  • Leisure areas
  • And whatever comes to your mind.

Let us dress up your home.

Commercial Remodeling in Klein

Even the slightest remodel can enhance the customer experience tremendously. And the same goes for your employees. Updating the workspace environment can motivate employees to be more productive and love coming to work.

It also elevates your employer brand, branding, and company status overall.

We have decades of experience in remodeling all types of commercial spaces:

  • Healthcare institutions
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Corporate offices
  • Schools
  • Convenience stores
  • And many more.

Contact us and allow us to express your branding and mission through unique and custom designs and remodeling projects.

Building permits in Klein

Most remodeling works do require various building permits. Frequently required permits are:

  1. Residential addition permit
  2. Residential fill and grade permit
  3. Residential remodel permit
  4. Residential roofing permit
  5. Residential site development permit

To acquire the proper permit for your project, make sure the check the official Houston Permitting Centre website for accurate information on building permits.

If you decide to hire us for your remodeling project, we will ensure you get the proper permits and walk you through the process.

The cost of Remodeling in Klein

The cost of remodeling depends on various factors:

  • The quality and type of materials
  • The surface of the area needing remodeling
  • The project length
  • The type of remodeling

Here’s a couple of projects and their prices we have performed in Klein, Tx:

  1. Vintage en suite bath – $17,2k
  2. Flood remodeling – $130k
  3. Custom oak kitchen remodeling – $60k
  4. Custom concrete patio – $24k
  5. 25th st addition – $150k

Note that these prices by no means signal the potential cost of your project. They are just as a reference point.

The only way to get an accurate quote is after consulting with us. Once we understand the scope of work and your desires, our experts will tailor the price to your specific case.

About our projects in Klein, Tx

If you love going out and have an adventurous personality, no wonder you love living in Klein.

Klein is surrounded by unique places to explore. For example – you can enjoy a calming family and friends event or some great live music in Meyer Park. The TGR exotic wildlife park is a fantastic place to have different animal encounters and learn about them.

You can also get your occasional dose of fun and excitement from the Riva Row Boat House. Pedal away and enjoy some nature-time. There’s so much more to do in this place.

But does your home feel smaller and older now?

Often the first answer would be to move out, but we help you stick to the place and expand it or add some features that will enhance your quality of life. And you’ll have a perfectly new remodeled home to yourself.

We come with 15 years of experience dozens and dozens of completed remodeling projects only in the Klein area. We can happily say that we have covered the whole Klein until now.

At Everhart, we consider your preferences and use our skills to give you the house you envisioned.

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