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What Are The Best Kitchen Countertops?

What are the Best Kitchen Countertops?

You’re too excited for words. After many years of saving you’re finally getting the kitchen remodeling project of your dreams. As you look at all the options out there, you start to wonder about countertops.
You don’t want to spend a ton only to need repairs a year or two down the line. You want something that’s durable and will last a long while. If you’ve been considering kitchen remodeling but want to know which countertop to choose, read on.

kitchen remodeling

Rounded countertop edges prevent chipping.

kitchen remodelingGo With What You Want

There are a lot of kitchen remodeling options to choose from when it comes to kitchen countertops. What works for one person might not work for you. The important thing about choosing a kitchen countertop is that it fits your style and needs.
Below we’re going to go over the pros and cons of several kitchen countertop styles.

Quartzkitchen remodeling

Pros: This the probably the best kitchen remodeling option if you want low maintenance countertops Quartz doesn’t stain, doesn’t get scratched easily, and doesn’t need a sealer to protect it. It’s also the greenest option since it’s made from composite materials and doesn’t need to be shipped around the world. While in the past it hasn’t looked as natural, many quartz-makers are getting better at giving quartz a more natural look.
Cons: The edges of quartz can chip and you’ll need to repair them professionally. Consumer Reports recommends rounding the edges to avoid this problem.

kitchen remodelingGranite

Pros: If you’re wanting a more natural look for your kitchen remodel, go with granite. Granite comes in many unique colors with just as unique veining. This countertop can handle heat, cuts, and scratches. Stains are no match for granite either, so if you’re wanting a cleaner countertop, granite might be for you.
Cons: You will need to get it sealed and resealed every so often. While you can get unique looks unlike any other, they tend to cost more. Also, like quartz, it’s best to round the edges to avoid expensive chipping repairs.

Soapstone, Limestone, and Marblekitchen remodeling

Pros: Soapstone is great at resisting heat and damage. The best part of this kitchen remodeling idea is that scratches can be repaired with a little sanding and mineral oil. Limestone is also great at resisting heat.
Cons: Stains are hard to clean and sometimes can’t be cleaned on soapstone. It also scratches easily and the excessive heat can be damaging.

kitchen remodeling

Laminate has many fresh patterns and prints.

kitchen remodelingLaminate

Pros: If you’re looking for a truly inexpensive countertop, laminate stylish countertops are it. Laminate used to be thought of as outdated but with all the new patterns and prints available your kitchen can look fresh and current. Some patterns even mimic the look of granite. Heat and stains are no match for laminate. Cleaning up stains is a snap. 
Cons: Cuts can easily hurt, and permanently damage the laminate. It’s best to use a cutting board with laminate.

Solid Surfacingkitchen remodeling

Pros: Solid surfacing is a lot like quartz. It’s made with a combo of alumina trihydrate (ATH), acrylic, and epoxy or polyester resins and pigments. It comes in a myriad of patterns and colors. It’s resistant to most stains and nicks. Scratches can also be easily repaired. The best aspect of this countertop is that its seams are nearly invisible, so if you’re wanting a seamless look, this could be for you.
Cons: While scratches can be fixed, it’s still a good idea to use a cutting board to avoid damage.

kitchen remodelingRecycled Glass

Pros: Recycled glass can resist heat, stains, cuts, and scratches. You can have large shards or a finely ground glass for a minimal look.
Cons: There’s a difference between brands. Some brands handle heat well, while others tend to develop cracks.

Butcher Blockkitchen remodeling

Pros: It’s easy to install, easy to repair, and you have many finishing options. Varnish is recommended to help stop stains.
Con: While varnish can help resist stains, penetrating oils can diminish the varnish. Also, this countertop is susceptible to nicks and scratches, so it’s best to use a cutting board to protect the countertop. However, if nicks happen, they can be easily sanded out.

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What are the Best Kitchen Countertops? | Everhart Construction – Houston, TX

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