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Tips for Finding Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Dec 24, 2018 | Kitchen Remodeling

Choosing the right kitchen remodeling contractors is important for several reasons.

For one, your existing kitchen might need a facelift and you need professionals to do it. Second, a remodeling effort can give you the kitchen as it is called, the “heart of your home.” Third, you might need a more functional kitchen. In either of these cases, a professional remodeling contractor can help.

Here are a few tips that can help you through the process:

Brainstorm Your Ideas

A major project like redoing your kitchen needs you to consider the ideas of the whole family. If you are thinking of a complete overhaul, focus on every little detail. In other words, be clear about what you need for your kitchen remodeling.

In order to get some inspiration for your dream kitchen, check out new design trends remodeling on sites like Houzz and Pinterest. Consider your budget, compare a few estimates and narrow down your options.

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Interview the Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Ideally, it is better to have up to 3 potential candidates for your kitchen remodel.

Set up personal meetings and interview them. Ask about all the necessary things you need to get done for your new kitchen design idea. In any case, even minor remodeling elevates the value of your home. What the contractor offers must be in sync with your ideas.

It is important to realize that communication is key during your project. The contractor you hire must be cordial with you and be a good listener. On the whole, they should clear your doubts honestly. In contrast, if you find that they hesitate, then they might not be very trustworthy.

Ask Their Past Customers

After shortlisting the contractors for your kitchen remodel, get referrals for their work. Read online reviews of their work as well as their rating on the Better Business Bureau.

In the same way, contact their past customers and learn about their experiences. The main things to know are if they finished the project on time and well within the budget. Inquire if they had a pleasant experience with the contractor. Also, ask them if they would hire him for their next project.

Ask the contractor of your choice to email you the photos and designs remodeling of previous projects. Provided you get satisfactory answers, you can go ahead and hire them. Otherwise, it is better to look for someone else.

Check Their Credentials

Check out the contractor’s website and go through their credentials. In particular, they should hold the required licenses and the inspection permit. Besides these licenses, see if they have certifications from organizations like NKBA.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) offers certifications for kitchen remodeling contractors.

Check Their Business Experience

In the first place, don’t ever hire someone without experience. Find out how many years the contractor you hire has been in business. The more experience they have, the better. It is certainly a huge plus if the contractor holds designations like Certified Graduate Remodeler.

Likewise, find out their reputation among peers, customers and other professionals like plumbers. They need to have a permanent mailing address or personal contact number. Generally speaking, these show the contractor’s established presence in the industry.

Ask them to give you a copy of their proof of insurance. Make sure that it is authentic and the same goes for the sub-contractor and other employees. This is to ensure that you’re protected from any liability that might arise.

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Get the Details in Writing

When the contractor gives you the legal agreement, take a thorough look before you sign it. For one thing, it has to look authentic and professional. Check if there is any aspect missing.

For instance, include the project duration, billing procedure, and dispute resolution clause. You might also need an architect for your remodeling project. Your agreement should feature those fees, too. Scrutinize it to make sure it is fair. Consult your contract attorney to review your contract.

Make the contractor include details like remodeling description or the supplies to use. In case you see any hesitation on their end, see it as a red flag. If they’re not willing to give you the details in writing, it is time to look for another contractor.

Share Your Experience

Finally, you have hired the right home remodeling contractor. You’re so happy with how well the project turned out. Then you might consider giving your contractor a good referral. Post an online review about their work and help others find good contractors.

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