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How to Spot Shady Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Jan 2, 2019 | Kitchen Remodeling

You are looking for kitchen remodeling contractors after having decided to give your kitchen a makeover. Finding a competent contractor is hard enough, but what is difficult is to spot the shady ones.

Just as in any other industry, there are fraudsters in construction industry, too. And you need to protect yourself from such scam artists.

Read on to know how you can spot shady contractors.

Signs to Identify Shady Contractors

Sometimes it can be hard to spot bad remodeling contractors. You might realize something’s off halfway through the remodeling. To save yourself the trouble, it is certainly better to avoid hiring a shady contractor in the first place.

Check out the following warning signs to which you need to pay close attention.

No Proper Credentials

The first thing you need to remember is to check the contractor’s credentials. You can learn about their expertise and rating on Better Business Bureau. Additionally, you can have a look at their past clients’ reviews and decide if you can hire them.

Fraudulent contractors cannot show proofs that they are authentic. In case someone approaches you out of the blue, be wary of them. Competent re-modelers don’t go around making unsolicited offers.

Lack of Communication Skills

It’s a major red flag if the contractor hesitates to answer your questions, or flat out refuses. Your contractor has to be able to convey the best plans for remodeling your kitchen and be transparent with costs and details.

Furthermore, there could be a mismatch between your ideas and your budget. A good contractor should be able to make you feel comfortable with a remodeling plan that will fit your budget.

You should feel relaxed and trust them by the end of your conversation. If you don’t, trust your gut – and go with someone else. If the contractor is being evasive or vague, then they may have something to hide. As can be seen here, communication is also important during the project.

Ambiguity in the Contract

Another key point you must focus on is the legal agreement between you and your contractor. Every little detail of the project has to be in the contract, like which material to use for which part. Yes, it must be that detailed. You should know everything that will go into the remodel, including all costs and the estimated timeline.

Your contractor must stick to that timeline to finish the renovation. Otherwise, the project cost will increase, which means you might have to shell out more cash from your own pocket.

Conversely, a contractor can also protect themselves from unreasonable clients with this legal agreement.

To demonstrate the importance of a signed contract, let us see how Grace got duped by a shady contractor. Her contractor did not put in all the details, like whether he had the required license or permits. Grace later found out he had no license, hence couldn’t obtain the permit for her project. Several thousand dollars later, he was nowhere to be found. Grace had gotten scammed.

Don’t let this happen to you. Know that shady contractor might also insist that there is no need for a permit at all, but that is not true! A good contractor will always show you their license and obtain the proper permits for work.

Warning Signs to Look for During the Project

You hire a contractor so they may oversee the remodeling project on your behalf. Instead, shady contractors give you a bumpy ride and shoddy results.

They Suggest You Pay More

If the contractor asks for an unreasonable amount up front, beyond what you initially agreed to, then take notice. In case they demand you pay the money based on dates, and not the construction, you should look into what’s wrong.

Furthermore, there might be inexplicable delays in the project. If you observe constant delays, excuses, and a lack of professionalism, consider letting them go.

They Cannot Manage Their Team

One of the essential skills your contractor should have is the ability to hire and manage good subcontractors. His business management depends on how he handles his staff. In the event that he is inappropriate or rude to his team, it could negatively affect the work they are doing.

If he is not good at dispute resolutions, but his staff is competent, you should probably replace him with a better manager.

They Don’t Obey the Contract

The written contract is the binding agreement between both parties. If you’ve hired a shady contractor, you might have noticed that he doesn’t use the materials listed in the contract – or maybe he uses substandard materials altogether or cuts down the labor costs.

Let’s see what Grace’s shady contractor did.

He also offered to sell her some leftover materials from his previous project. She then started suspecting that he might be doing the same with the extra materials from her site. Not only was she convinced about this, but she also started looking into his credentials. Turns out he was trying to get some more cash by cutting corners.

“Do not become the victim of a shady contractor and risk yourself.”

Why You Need Experienced Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Your elevate the market value of your home when you remodel any part of it. In this instance, you took the decision to redo your kitchen so it would suit modern trends. Or you want to make your home more spacious and appealing.

Rather than dealing with a bad contractor, start with the right professional. Most shady contractors do not even follow the OSHA guidelines. Instead of facing such unsafe behavior, choose the right experience kitchen remodeling contractors.

Only competent kitchen remodeling contractors can undertake such a major project. The contractor should have previous years of experience in similar projects. Likewise, you must not hand over the reins to a newbie contractor.

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