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11 Brilliant Ideas for Houston Room Additions

Oct 28, 2018 | Custom Home Renovation Blog, Kitchen Remodeling, Room Additions

Are you thinking about room additions for your home? An experienced Houston Remodeling Company can help you expand your living space by adding rooms and remodeling.

Here are 11 brilliant ideas that’ll make everyone fall in love with your home.

1. Space-Saving Kitchen Expansion

Adding a few square feet can enhance the overall feel of your home. Ask your kitchen contractor to install skylights and custom windows that open the house with light and cross ventilation. Use space-saving amenities like lazy susans and pull-out shelves. Maximize the space with u-shaped built-in storage, a functional island, a breakfast nook, and custom cabinets. Hideaway the appliances behind doors to leave the floor clutter-free.

2. Murphy Bed for Guests

Do you need a guest room but have limited space? Get a guest room on a budget with stowaway Murphy beds.

This is a great way of keeping your space open, and you can have it ready to host your friends and family in a couple of minutes. Not only will this transform your two-bedroom home into a three-bedroom home, but it’ll also add tremendous value to your property.

3. Adding a Bathroom

Bathrooms are the most popular Houston room additions.

Having an extra bathroom essentially doubles the space for a shower, toilet, sinks, vanity and toiletry closet space.

Everyone who has lived in a home with only one bathroom will tell you how much an additional bath is appreciated. Plus, investment in the new bathroom adds tremendous value to your home.

4. Dining Area

Remove a wall or two and create an open kitchen with an adjoining dining area. Use statement light fixtures for a warm and comfortable area your family can sit down in to enjoy a meal. Communicate with your architect to create a layout that is appealing and works for you. Decide the size of the table and the number of chairs you want. Remember, you’ll also be hosting your friends and family for many sumptuous meals here.

5. Living Room

Many people fail to acknowledge this as a room for many purposes. Add space to allow for more seating space. Get custom cabinets that allow for the practical use of space with smart storage solutions. Give its character with an accent wall and personalized design. Remodel the room with a wall-mounted television, custom-built furniture, bold colors and lots of light to put together a room where you can spend time as a family and entertain from time to time.

6. Game Room

Put in an extra room for game nights. Design the perfect game room addition with your pool table, foosball table, arcade games, gaming console, or even a karaoke machine or a ping pong table. It’s perfect for large families and could even get new buyers excited!

7. Bar Room

What says sophistication better than a barroom in your home? This is an excellent room addition to entertain your guests. Ask your remodeling contractor to put in added features like a refrigerator, an ice machine, a customized wine rack, or a surround sound system.

8. Sun Room

A covered patio with a three-side view or an all-weather room is an affordable room addition. Create a functional space with a contemporary sensibility and enhance the look and feel of the exterior of your home. the majority of vertical glass should face south (or close to it). In the South, a sunroom will stay cooler if the vertical glass faces north. In hotter areas, avoid large expanses of glass facing east or west.

9. Convenient Mudroom off the Deck

Sort all the mess with a conveniently positioned mudroom. Use little cubbies with hooks to divide up space so that every family member has their own storage space for their outdoor gear. Decorate your deck with planters to soften the transition as one walks into the house from the outdoors.

10. Detached Home Office

Organize your space with a counter or tables and plenty of flexible storage. Add a skylight or large windows that overlook the patio. You can always install blinds to keep from distracting.

11. Gracious Mother-in-law Suite

If you’re planning a home addition, this is a great way to maximize space without adding square feet. Build a mother-in-law suite above the garage to allow your inlaws privacy while having them close. Give it a sense of comfortable space with an open living area layout.

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