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As the premier Houston kitchen remodeling contractor, we specialize in utilizing the already existing spaces in your home and then altering the structure rather roof of building one from the ground up. Kitchens, and also bathrooms, usually contain an abundance of fixtures that require careful planning and installation, including sinks, faucets, tubs and toilets that all need water hookups and drainage. Additionally they use relatively similar materials, such as installing tile or stone for countertops and flooring. A kitchen remolding contractor translates ideas into reality, as we are also trained to provide design services so that you don’t have to pay extra fee to hire a designer.We will take care of all the aspects of a project from coming up with update kitchen remolding ideas to masterfully realizing those ideas.

Kitchen Design Houston

Whether you’re looking to do add or update a master bathroom, remodel kitchen, or a simple exterior renovation, Everhart Construction has you covered!

For years, we’ve worked hard to earn our reputation around the Houston area as a trusted remodeling contractor. W specialize in all aspects of remolding; from bathroom additions, kitchen after and before renovation about a lot more!

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