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Since 2005, we have projected dreams of dozens of Hunters Creek homeowners. It is high time we do the same for you.

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Home Remodeling in Hunters Creek

Home remodeling gives your old house a classy transformation and also better functionality.

Our designers and building experts work carefully to give you ar perfectly balanced remodeled home. We are very attentive to your requirements.

We take notes of your preferences and blend our expertise with them to bring out the best-looking home. Our focus is not only the looks, though, but we are also equally careful about the functionality.

We are committed to providing you highly functional, and jaw-dropping home along with beautiful custom-built, handmade cabinets.

Best Custom Cabinets

Home remodeling often involves new furniture and cabinetry. Keeping the old ones just doesn’t make much sense.

But, if you wish to keep them, we can update them to fit the new aesthetics better.

The following are our specialties:

  • Custom-built cabinets,
  • Hand-made cabinets,
  • Unfinished cabinets,
  • Builder cabinets.

Let us handle all of the work for you. While we do preparations and renovations in your home, our skilled craftsmen create beautiful hand-made cabinets so that everything can be done and put in place simultaneously.

This is what allows us to be fast and effective with every project we take.

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Kitchen Remodeling in Hunters Creek

Remodeling the kitchen is the super fast and best way to increase your home’s value.

Besides increasing the value, the kitchen also plays a significant role in impressing your guests and earns you compliments at any social gathering.

Having a beautiful and highly functional kitchen will also help you get works done with minimal effort.

We try our best to be innovative while listening to your ideas.

You tell us what kind of tiles, flooring, sink, countertop, or paint you want, and we will do the rest of the work.

Bathroom Remodeling in

Hunters Creek

Remodeling your bathroom is a brilliant decision.

We have completed more than 1300 bathroom projects without any complaints. Your needs and wishes are our number one priority, and throughout the whole project length, we ensure that you are kept in the loop and feel comfortable.

You can give us any kind of design you’d want. For example – the type of marble you want, modern or vintage shower, or maybe the painting.

Whether you want to add something extra to your bathroom and make it luxurious or simply increase the functionality, we are always up for it.

You’ll be delighted with our service, which is the goal of Everhart Construction.

Room Addition in Hunters Creek

We have helped hundreds of families get the right combination of room additions.

You can add any type of room you want, starting with an extra bedroom, playroom, study room, living space, or even an entertainment room. We can also transform your unused space or the garage to give you a fine usable room.

We start with analyzing your current home, so the added room doesn’t look like an outsider. We put in our best effort so you can have the most fantastic experience with us.

Your opinion and choice are highly valued and carefully translated into a marvelous home extension.

Outdoor Remodeling in

Hunters Creek

Looks play a huge role in forming the first impression, and that holds true for homes too!

We provide residents of Hunters Creek with all types of outdoor remodeling services, such as:

  • Entertainment fixtures,
  • Poolside cabanas,
  • Patios, porches, and decks
  • Kitchens and firepits
  • And whatever they imagine

Whether you live in a divine Hunterwood Dr, or a beautiful Hunters Park Ln street, or pretty much any other part of Hunters Creek, you can bet we have enhanced the exterior of at least one of your neighbor’s homes.

Is it time to beautify yours?

Commercial Remodeling in Hunters Creek

The interior of a workspace is essential. You and your employees spend a great deal of time there, and if you have a coffee shop or a restaurant, then your customers also need to have a satisfactory experience.

It is essential to keep your business space fresh to motivate your employees and make them more productive. We are well aware that every type of business has different requirements; hence we listen to you closely to ensure your ideas are met.

We work in all industries, from healthcare to schools and hotels. Whether you need a new kitchen for your restaurant or a new conference room, we are here.

Building permits in Hunters Creek

Almost all of the remodeling works require some type of building permit.

Frequently required permits are:

  1. Residential addition permit
  2. Residential fill and grade permit
  3. Residential remodel permit
  4. Residential roofing permit
  5. Residential site development permit

To acquire the proper permit for your project, make sure the check the official City of Hunters Creek Village website for accurate information on building permits.

If you decide to hire us for your remodeling project, we will ensure you get the proper permits and walk you through the process.

The Cost of Remodeling in Hunters Creek

The cost of remodeling in Hunters Creek will depend on several factors as:

  • The size of the area
  • The type of materials
  • The type of remodeling
  • The length of the project

To get an idea, check out these projects we have done in Hunters Creek:

  1. Cozy condo bathroom remodel – $25k
  2. Full house rebuilt – $225k
  3. Warm traditional kitchen – $52k
  4. Poolside cabana – $24k

Keep in mind that every object is found at a different starting condition. Some might require much deeper repair than others, and the only way to get an accurate quote is to contact us.

About our Projects in

Hunters Creek, TX

Hunters Creek is famous for its unique amenities. In 2011, it was once chosen as one of the “Best Place to Live in America” by CNN Money magazine.

While living in Hunters Creek, you’ll never run out of things to do. The city is filled with excellent parks to visit and spend quality family time. Also, there are multiple well-kept landscaping which elevates the beauty of the neighborhood.

After dozens of renovations in Hunters Creek, we know how to fulfill your wishes while still maintaining the neighborhood aesthetic.

The best part of working with us is our 5 years of warranty in all our residential remodeling, commercial remodeling, and all the Custom Built Cabinets.

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