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Step by Step Guide: How to Get the Room Addition of Your Dreams

Nov 28, 2018 | Home Remodeling

A house is made of bricks and a home is made of dreams. It’s time to make your house into your dream home with Houston room additions. With a little bit of remodeling and a new space, you’ll never want to leave the comfort of your home. In fact you’d be happy in the circle of your friends and family.

Here is how to get the room addition of your dreams:

1. Location & Floor Map

Your first concern should be where you want the addition. The most complicated decision is to make sure it complements your existing living space and furniture. Analyze the floor map and identify areas based on functionality, privacy and the layout of the house. Then draw up a plan for the room addition.

If you’re adding a bedroom, your main concern will be the view from the room. When expanding the kitchen, your primary concern should be circulation and functional space. If it is a living room extension, your accessibility and how it connects with the rest of the house is important.

2. Think Door to Ceiling

Once you’ve decided on where you want to add the room, you’ve got to think about accessibility. Where do you want to position the door? Would you prefer a space transition indoors to outdoors? Maybe you’d like a small balcony off the second-story master bedroom.

Don’t just think four-dimensional with the walls. Think about the fifth dimension: the ceiling for your house.

Double height ceilings make your home feel bigger and the room more spacious. You can design the interior around the bare planks and beams running across the house. What a marvelous statement it would make! You can have your very own dome shape for stargazing, viewing skylights, or flat ceilings. There are endless varieties available to make your home a unique masterpiece of your dreams.

3. Window With a View

Once you’re in the door, the next thing you should consider is the windows. You’ll want to position your windows to allow in maximum natural light. Talk to your Houston home contractor and communicate what you desire. Their expertise will help you find the perfect balance between light and dark areas in your home.

Remember, windows are not only about letting in light but also amazing views. If you’re not lucky to own a house with a view of the city, gardens, a swimming pool, the woods, or a pond, there’s always less dramatic ways to create your own view. Place a couple of potters at the window. Install rolling blinds with scenery painted on the panels.

4. Define Houston Room Additions with Purpose

Don’t just add a room. Define spaces with purpose. Think about the alternatives. Plan the layout of the entire floor. Make sure space allows for seamless circulation. Don’t worry about how to finance the room addition without having a clear understanding of your need for space.

You may need a guest bedroom. For example, if you are considering expanding the sitting area to accommodate more people when you’re entertaining – with Houston room additions, you may want to splurge on a lavish fireplace in the center of your home.

Consider adding a larger kitchen with a pantry for your growing family or some additional storage space in your home. With an additional room, you can also put it on Airbnb and make a little extra money. If not, you can finally get that game room you’ve always wanted.

Once you know what you need, it’s time to contact the best Houston remodeling company and get the ball rolling.

5. Personalize the Theme

Finally, let the room addition reflect your personality. Pick a theme that inspires you.

It could be a tropical theme with soothing plants and floral prints. It could be a collection of quirky cushions that are uniquely you. Choose your color palette, wallpapers, upholstery design elements, and decor to create a living space that is a reflection of your dreams.

Add personality to your home with textures and trinkets. Create functional and inspiring spaces with practical design and professional planning. It’s a place to add little pieces of yourself and create a space you truly want to spend time in.

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