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Do I Need an Architect for a Room Addition?

Jul 17, 2018 | Home Remodeling

You couldn’t be more excited. You’re about to add on to your family, and, after much saving, you’re about to add on to your home as well. As you take a look at where your room addition in your Houston home will be, you wonder, “Do I really need an architect for this job?”

If you’re considering a room addition, read on to see how hiring an architect can make your new room feel like home.

Planning Is Everything

The most important thing to remember when considering a room addition is planning.  Having a plan ensures that:

  • Your room addition will be well thought out
  • You’ll get the building permits you need and avoid code violations
  •  Your room addition will fit in with the rest of your home
  • Your room addition will increase your home’s value
  • It won’t take too long or cost too much


“An architect makes planning your room addition a breeze.”

Can I Plan My Room Addition?

“Okay, so I need plans,” you think, “Couldn’t I draw them up myself?”

With the advent of Pinterest boards and the YouTuber DIY movement, it’s easy to see why you’d want to. It looks fun, you’d get to design it yourself, and you might even get a few “likes” out of it. What’s not to like about that?

But before you head out to Michael’s for some graft paper and a T-square, it’s important to think about how developed your idea is.

Do you have a few concepts floating in your head, or do you have a fully working idea that your contractor can understand and execute the way you want? A lot of people assume that all an architect does is draw up plans. While it looks that way to some, an architect does a lot more than put lines on paper. 

“An architect can take your abstract ideas and help you make them concrete.”

An Architect Will Think Your Room Addition Through

Suppose you have what you assume to be a great idea for your room addition. You can picture it clearly in your mind. But the moment you finish drawing it out you realize it looks less impressive. You’re not sure why or how; all you know is that what you drew does not match what you had in your head.

The reason this happens is quite interesting. The visual part of your brain – the part that is able to picture what your room addition will look like – is different from the descriptive part of your brain. Whether you use words or lines on a page, how you describe your room addition is always going to be a little bit different from how you picture it in your mind. Every time you try to match the two versions up, the mental image changes and you have to start over from scratch.

The beauty of an architect is that they’re trained to deal with this. They work in the abstract and are able to take the little picture in your head and translate it into a real, executable plan your contractor can use. That’s why they sit down with you and discuss what you’re wanting. They want to get as much descriptive information from you as they can so they can better plan out what you want.

An Architect Will Factor in Permits and Building Codes

No matter how large or small your room addition is, there are building codes and permits to consider. An architect will be well versed in both. In fact, many municipalities won’t issue permits without seeing your room addition plans first. Having an experienced architect draw your plans makes it easier for the permit office to understand what type of permits you need.

An architect will also see that your room addition won’t violate any building codes and will adhere to any Homeowners’ Association laws you may have.

An Architect Will Factor in Your Existing Home

When designing your room addition plans, you have to factor in the style of your existing home. You might think your idea fits right in only to look at the finished product and realize that it’s out of place.

An architect will be able to look at your home and plan a room addition that doesn’t just fit your home’s style but will also feel as though the room was always there. People passing by will never know that your new room is new. They’ll only see your home as one cohesive unit.

An Architect Will Factor in Home Value

Are you thinking of moving?  Maybe you’d like to be closer to family, or you might be getting a job offer in another city soon. A room addition is a great way to add value and snag you the list price you want.

But before you start planning your room addition, it’s important to note that it’s not just the room itself that adds value; it’s the style. As we talked about in the section above, style means a lot.

You can’t just design a plan and hope it works. You have to work with an architect that will consider your existing home style and current trends. They will know what trends are passing fads, and what trends are long-lasting.  They’ll also know how to work with a style you like that is likely to sell well.

Architects understand that what might look good to you might not look good to others.  So they’ll work with you to plan a room addition that has the style you want and appeals to others as well.

“A well-thought-out plan saves you time, and money.”

An Architect Will Factor in Cost and Time

One of the biggest budget eaters is improper planning. If you don’t plan ahead, you could run into situations that could lengthen your completion time, and force you to go way over budget.

Let’s say you have the perfect plan worked out. Everything on paper matches what’s in your head, with one big problem: cost. Your room addition is the right style with the wrong price. This where a good architect comes in. They can take the plan they’ve already designed with you and rework it to better match your budget and timeline. In fact, they might even be able to save you money! They can take a look at the materials you plan to use and suggest inexpensive alternatives that achieve the same look and feel. Not only that, using an architect can save you time too.

By crafting a well thought out plan they’re ensuring that your contractor and their crew knows exactly what to do. All tools and materials needed will be accounted for, which will avoid the mishaps you might have had without the proper planning. Plus, your architect will be able to show you how much your room addition may cost in the end so there is no sticker shock. Plan everything with an architect today so the construction goes smoothly tomorrow.

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