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6 Reasons to Use an Architect When Remodeling

Jul 18, 2018 | Home Remodeling

Want your room addition Houston to be amazing? Then you need to make sure you’ve got the best people on your side, like remodeling contractors and architects.

Do you need an architect for your Houston room addition?

When remodeling your home, you need to consider if you actually need an architect for your specific project. Not all remodeling projects need architectural assistance. If you’re simply replacing a room and leaving all functions, wires, and circulation as it was, you need an interior designer, not an architect.

However, Houston room additions are more complex projects and require the help of an architect.

“Interior designers help you select fixtures, appliances, and finishes, while architects help you plan out the entire space, including behind-the-scenes work like plumbing and wiring.”

Below we list some of the best reasons to use architects for your room addition Houston.

Reasons to Use an Architect for Your Room Addition

#1: Architects are Trained to Turn the Picture in Your Head into Reality

How many times have you imagined your home addition in your head? And then when you try to put it down on paper, it just doesn’t give the picture in your head justice!

It’s happened to many of us, and it can be very frustrating.

But this is where the help of an architect really comes in handy. With all their training in building design, engineering, and ergonomics, they are able to put your ideas onto paper in a way that gives them justice.

Once you’ve decided on the design you want, your architect can draw up some simple floor plans or complete blueprints for you. It is always helpful to be able to visualize what you want on paper.

#2: They Can Keep You Grounded and Realistic

During the blueprint design process, an architect has another important job: helping you understand what’s actually achievable.

What looks good in your head and what looks good in your home could be two totally different things.

An architect will take a look at your home, get to know the ins and outs, and recommend the best plan of action to achieve your dream look.

So if your idea doesn’t work well with your home, you won’t waste money getting it done only to find out it doesn’t look right or makes your space less usable. An architect can help you avoid those situations and make your room addition what you want in the best way possible, without any negative consequences.

#3: They Can Help You Set up a Realistic Budget

Once an architect has looked at your wants and needs, they can help you better understand the costs associated with implementing your Houston room addition. This includes construction costs, tools, and materials, contractor fees, etc.

Note that architect fees follow the complexity and size of a project, either as a percentage or a set fee based on the square footage of your room addition. Sometimes they will charge an hourly fee instead. Make sure you talk to your architect about costs for your specific project.

The good news is that new additions generally cost less than other remodeling projects! This is because there are usually more challenges when faced with older construction techniques and buildings.

#4: An Architect Will Factor in Permits and Building Codes

No matter the size of your room addition, you need to consider building codes and permits. An architect will be well versed in both. In fact, many municipalities won’t issue permits without seeing your room addition plans first. Having an experienced architect draw out your plans makes it easier for the permit office to understand what type of permits you need.

An architect will also see that your room addition won’t violate any building codes and will adhere to any Homeowners’ Association laws you may have.

#5: Architects Can Help You Choose a Remodeling Contractor

One of the lesser-known facts about architects is that they can help you find a remodeling contractor for your Houston room addition.

It can be tough to pore through all the remodelers in your area, read through all the reviews, and figure out who would be best for your specific project.

A good architect will already have experience working with contractors in your area and can give you advice based on your needs, financial situation, and preferences.

#6: They’ll Help You See a Project Through to the End

An architect is really a beginning-to-end assistant for your room addition project. They can help you work out ideas, draw out blueprints, help you choose a good remodeling contractor, make sure you’re not violating any building codes and getting the proper permits, and oversee construction to ensure it’s being done all according to plan.

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