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Home Renovations in Hedwig Village

Remodeling your home takes a lot of courage. But it’s also the best alternative option for your home. The only thing you need to make sure of is that your home doesn’t end up in the hands of the wrong company.

We have been in the business for 15 years and are considered experts in the field now. We take notes from you about your preferences and analyze the requirements.

A home remodeling involves remodeling every corner of your home, starting from the balcony to your kitchen to the unused garage as well. However you want to change the interior structure, we’re here to do it.

Our work gives you home both beauty and functionality.

Custom Cabinets

Home remodel isn’t home remodel without new, beautiful, custom-made cabinetry.

Luckily for you, we specialize in creating all types of cabinets for your home and workspace:

  • Custom-built cabinets,
  • Hand-made cabinets,
  • Unfinished cabinets,
  • Builder cabinets.

Let us enhance your old cabinets or create entirely new ones according to your desires.

For more information, make sure to check Everhart Cabinets.

Kitchen Remodeling in

Hedwig Village

Your kitchen is one of the essential parts of your social life and quality time. You spend a significant amount of your everyday time here making dinner for your family or maybe gossiping with friends on a get-together.

Whether you’re enjoying cooking a delicious meal, or having beautiful family time over dinner, there’s no better alternative than a well-equipped and spacious kitchen.

We take all the responsibility and use our expertise to provide you with the kitchen you always wanted.

Cooperate with us, providing your choice of tiles, theme, layout, flooring, marbling, and cabinets – and we’ll be able to hand you over a perfectly operable kitchen.

With us, you won’t have to worry about a single thing as we take both the look and functionality into consideration and get started with our experts to take charge.

Bathroom Remodeling in

Hedwig Village

Bathroom remodeling is the most beneficial investment, and it is the best change you can make for yourself. Bathroom remodeling requires a lot of attention to detail. We are experienced enough to deal with any kind of remodeling you have in mind.

We also make sure the remodeled bathroom or powder room has everything according to your taste, like the kind of paint you want, tiles, countertop material, lights, and many more.

Our team puts the most effort into making the perfect combination of looks and efficacy. While enjoying a calming bath, you’d also want the comfort of moving around quickly and do other work.

Room Addition in Hedwig Village

Maybe you are running short on rooms whenever you have a friends’ stay over, or maybe your kids are grown up enough to have their rooms. Whatever the reason, room additions are a perfect alternative to moving out from a beautiful house and the pain of shifting places.

We got it all covered, whether it’s a sunroom, prayer room, entertainment, bedroom, guest room, or playroom.

Our professional workers are well-trained to analyze the current home and layout doable designs that’ll perfectly go with the existing house. You can add or remove anything you want, and the responsibility is on us to take care of it.

We are open to all creative designs and innovative ideas. Just approach us with your vision, and you’ll see it turning into reality.

Exterior Remodeling in

Hedwig Village

The exterior of your home is the first thing you and your visitors see. So make sure that first impression counts.

We offer all types of outdoor remodeling services:

  • Kitchens and firepits
  • Roof patios and porches
  • Entertainment fixtures
  • Stone accents
  • And whatever you envision

All you need to do is call us, and the rest is on us.

Commercial Remodeling in Hedwig Village

We are well versed in all types of commercial remodeling across various industries:

  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Schools
  • Corporate
  • And many more.

Our experienced staff closely listens to you to understand your business mission and branding and accurately translate it into magnificent designs.

Remodeling your workspace isn’t just about being modern but also about empowering and motivating your employees to be more productive and enhancing your customer experience.

Building Permits in Hedwig Village

For most of the remodeling and renovation projects, you will need a permit.

The most commonly required permits are:

  1. Residential addition permit
  2. Residential fill and grade permit
  3. Residential remodel permit
  4. Residential roofing permit
  5. Residential site development permit

For accurate information, we encourage you to visit the City of the Hedwig Village official website to find the proper building permit application.

If you decide to work with us, we will ensure that you obtain the proper permits and walk you through the whole process.

The cost of remodeling in Hedwig Village

The cost of remodeling depends on numerous factors:

  • The size of the area
  • The type od remodeling
  • The project length and scope of work
  • The materials being used.

If you are curious about some of our projects in Hedwig Village and want to check their prices, here they are:

Remember that the only way to get an accurate quote for your project is to contact us and have in-house consultations with our experts.

About our projects in Hedwig Village

The Hedwig Village is the dream place for you to live in.

What’s more – Hedwig Village is considered one of Houston’s most expensive communities due to its exclusivity, mini-manors, and luxury homes that sell for $1,000,000+.

It’s also another independent city of Memorial Village. Because of its exquisite mini manors, ranch-style houses, and forest-lined streets, it makes an excellent place for you and your family to live in a peaceful environment.

If your family has grown now and you need to shift to a bigger place, we have a better idea—home remodeling. Everhart Construction is the best and highly experienced home remodeling company in Houston.

We come with 15 years of experience under our belt and dozens of projects in Hedwig Village.

Whether you live in a small beautiful Echo Hollow street or a Corbindale Rd, we know how to make your neighbors jealous.

And on the plus side, our residential remodeling, commercial remodeling, and custom-built cabinets come with five years of warranty.

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