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Elevate Your Home with Expert Home Remodeling

Oct 13, 2018 | Custom Home Renovation Blog

Are you impressed by how your home looks? If you were a buyer, would you want to buy it without hesitation? If your answer is no, then you probably need home remodeling services to change this to a yes!

Home remodeling elevates your home in terms of curb appeal and market value. If you’re looking to increase your home’s appeal and value when you sell, home remodeling makes it possible. Even if you’re not selling right now, or don’t want to sell at all – home remodeling can be a great way to make your home’s value and curb appeal skyrocket.

When first deciding to remodel, take a look at areas that commonly attract people’s attention first: the kitchen, the bathroom, lighting, landscaping. All of these areas are considered “high profile.” Read on below to learn more.

Things to Consider:


The Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling truly elevates your home since this space is typically used most often. The kitchen should appear clean, and you can add some designs and use materials that will wow your guests. Old cabinets, flooring, and appliances should be the center of your remodeling. Use new and trendy designs for floor tiles, cabinet, and counter tops. You might be surprised how many people will admire a creatively remodeled kitchen.

The Bathroom

One of the sensitive spaces in home remodeling is the bathroom. Yours should be maintained in excellent condition and clean.

If your budget allows, renovating bathrooms in your home is a nice touch to your remodeling efforts. Update the toilets and bathroom floors if necessary along with any fixtures. No matter if your style is modern or vintage, just make sure everything is clean, works well, and looks beautiful.

The Lighting

In the real estate business, well-lit homes get more bids at high prices. Hence, you should focus on making sure your home’s lighting is impeccable. Depending on the most suitable lighting option, like a skylight perhaps, you can elevate your home by increasing the light.


The Curb Appeal

Don’t forget the outside of your home! In home remodeling, the exterior of the home needs to be featured as well. Taking care of the landscape, adding pretty flowers, trimming the lawn, and planting shrubs and trees strategically improve the aesthetic view of your home. Additionally, such a landscape spells class and keeping in mind the cost of maintaining it, it earns you more money when you’re ready to sell.

Elevate Your Home with Home Remodeling from Everhart

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