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  • Wide variety of high-quality, premium materials
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  • Detail-oriented beautiful designs

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Hand Made Custom Cabinets Right Here in Houston, Tx

Everhart Construction is known as one of the best custom cabinets Houston makers, with all the qualities required to be the right fit for your custom cabinetry project.

We are focused on providing you with both beautiful and functional cabinets that will enhance the appearance of the space.

The best part of working with Everhart Construction on your cabinetry project is that we will provide you with a detailed 3D render of what your cabinets will look like, before creating them. 

This will allow you to see what the end result will look like, and make any necessary adjustments before the buildout. 

Due to this modern approach, we can guarantee the highest customer satisfaction and a detail-oriented approach.

Schedule your free in-home consultations to determine the best solution for your project.

Our Main Cabinetry Services Are:

Our team of skilled craftsmen has experience in completing a variety of custom cabinetry projects.

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Benefits of Working
With Us

Increased Storage – A perfect method to add storage, organize, and declutter your home/office.

Cost-effective – This is the most cost-effective way to add more space to your place instead of remodeling it.

Functionality – Adding the right type of cabinets to your space can significantly increase its functionality and help you stay organized.

Unprecedent variety of choice – We are pioneers when it comes to cabinets in Houston, which allows us to present you with the widest range of materials and custom designs.

Who Are We Working With?

Custom Projects – Homeowners that want to improve their homes buy our custom cabinets to finish their dream homes.

Homebuilders –  We work with home builders to provide custom cabinets based on their plans.

Commercial Builders – We work with Commercial Builders to provide custom-built cabinets for their projects.

Home Remodeling – Home remodeling companies use our custom cabinets to save money and finish complex projects.

Hospital Builders – Hospitals save space and increase storage by using our hand-made custom cabinets.

Dental and Doctor’s Practices – We help doctors increase their work efficiency by using our custom cabinets to organize their practices.

Visit Our Showroom

At any time, you can visit our custom cabinets Houston showroom in order to consult with designers and project managers. They will help you choose the right materials and design type for your project. 

We offer a wide range of natural wooden and high-tech materials, enabling you to choose the best ones for you.

Our Custom Cabinets Gallery

Check out some of our beautiful custom cabinets in Houston, TX area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a compilation of questions we get asked the most.

How much do custom cabinets in Houston cost?

The price depends on a couple of factors:

  • The materials you choose
  • The total size of cabinetry
  • Scope of work 
  • Any additional features you would like to add (i.e. LED lightning, etc.)


Before the beginning of the project, we will provide you with a quote and ensure to create an offer that fits your needs and budget. 

However, for reference, most of the custom cabinets project prices start around $3,000 and can go over $10,000 depending on the materials used and total surface area.

Is it worth getting custom cabinets Houston

Absolutely. Custom cabinetry provides you with a unique aesthetic design tailored to your needs that cannot be bought elsewhere.

DIY vs. Hiring Everhart Construction?

People tend to think that doing it yourself will be a cheaper solution than hiring a professional company. While it makes sense on a surface level, it is actually a very false assumption.

Obtaining the right type of materials, cutting, painting, assembling, and then installing them will take a very long time for a commoner. You might save a few bucks, but you will waste loads of time. 

On the other hand, when you hire us, you will get professional help, hundreds of materials to choose from, and whatever type of design you want. We can even carve the wood for you. And the best part is that you don’t need to get your hands dirty.

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