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  • 3D renders presented before the start of the buildout
  • High-quality materials
  • Safety locks 
  • 5-year warranty

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Create a Productive Environment With Top-Quality Functional Corporate Office Cabinets

An organized, well-built, and designed office space can positively impact your employee’s minds and productivity. Different office set-ups are proven to improve or worsen work performance, creativity, and health significantly.

Whether it’s a meeting room or a break room, the cozy and clutter-free interior is always a priority. But you’re bound to get some mess around you while working. So the best and most cost-effective solution is to add some custom office cabinets to the area. This will keep all your files organized and prevent the pile-up on desks.

Perfect-fit custom office cabinets in Houston, Tx

We build hand-made cabinets at the most affordable prices. Our unfinished cabinets are available for any new commercial builder & remodeler.

Once you have decided to add some office cabinets, there are many major and minor facts to take care of, for example: materials, paint, finishing, design, customization, and many more. We make sure the office cabinets thoroughly meet your requirements.

After our designers have consultations with you to go over the details, we will present you with a 3D render of how the end result will look like. This is the ideal moment for us to make any changes and ensure your highest satisfaction.

5-year warranty on your custom office cabinets

Everhart is very confident about the services and projects completed. So, all our custom cabinet projects, including office custom cabinets, come with a five-year warranty. There’s absolutely nothing to lose for you.

Our extraordinary cabinet materials, top-notch detailing, incredibly experienced team, fastest delivery frame, and long-term warranty will leave you with a masterpiece. You’ll both enjoy working in the decluttered office and find every essential file/folder highly functional and effortlessly manageable.

Go ahead and take the next step – fill up the form, and we’ll handle the rest of it. Give us a chance on your first project, and our multiple advantages will have you coming back for more!

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