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7 Ideas for Commercial Renovations

Sep 7, 2018 | Commercial Renovation

Business is booming! You’ve got more clients than ever and stellar employees to handle the new workload. But as you look around your buzzing office you start to wonder if it’s time for some commercial renovations or commercial buildouts.

“With all these new employees we could use the new space,” you think. “But I don’t know the first thing about commercial renovations or buildouts.” If you’re in need of a commercial renovation for your office, read on to see seven cool new ways to redo your commercial space.

1. Revamp Your Waiting Area

Do you have a waiting area for clients? Why not expand it out to include a little coffee nook and fridge so clients can take advantage of free coffee and cold water while they wait? Or you could add creative lighting for a brighter feel

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2. Add a Breakout Space

Have you ever been working on an important project but suddenly felt blocked for ideas? Try as you as might, nothing is coming. And then, the moment you go on a business trip or a vacation the ideas suddenly flow like water. There’s a reason for that. Changing your workspace for a moment can do wonders for productivity and creative thinking.

The good thing about the creative boost is that you don’t have to travel far to get it. If you or your employees are in need of a production lift, try adding in a breakout space. Breakout spaces are little nooks of creative space usually covered in one or more cushions and colorful fabric. They offer a break to employees who want a quick change of scenery but don’t want to stop working or leave the office. They are mostly built into walls, but you can also put them in open areas to encourage collaboration between coworkers.

3. Consider a Collaborative Work Space

Are there important projects that need several people’s input? Consider adding in collaborative workspaces. A collaborative workspace is just what it sounds like. It’s a space where people can collaborate on projects that don’t need the closed-off feeling of a conference room. Collaborative workspaces can be restaurant-style booths complete with cushions or they can be a little more open with a simple row of tables and chairs separated by walls.

If you’re concerned about space, collaborative workspaces (and booths) may also double as lunch tables. Just set some napkin dispensers off to the side.

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4. Add Private Work Spaces

Do you have an open office layout? While this a trend on the rise, some might find it hard to concentrate on important work with all the noise an open office might create. This is where private workspaces come in. Private workspaces are an even mix of offices and collaborative workspaces. They are a little more closed off than collaborative spaces, but not so closed off that others can’t join in when they need to.

These spaces are perfect for employees who need to focus on something important, or for groups who want limited distractions. These rooms could be used to meet with potential and current clients.

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5. Opt for Large Windows

If you’re looking to improve your office and bring in more natural light, opt for large windows. Not only does natural light increase productivity, but according to a Psychology Today article, more natural light can increase employees’ sleep time by an average of 46 minutes a night and make it easier to fall asleep.

Another huge plus for large windows is the ability to see the greenery outside. CNN stated that being in a natural setting has many advantages. The biggest advantage is relaxation. Since the color green is the easiest for our brains to process, looking at it gives our brains a break and a chance to relax and refocus on more important things.

To maximize the natural light you could add a breakout space near a window to give employees a chance to change their scenery and grab a little extra vitamin D.

6. Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Often when people design their office they opt for mostly white and muted colors to look professional. While this is fine for the overall office look, don’t be afraid to add a few punches of color here and there. It’s doesn’t have to be a lot. It could be a single wall of blue or a small dash of yellow. You could even add some chalkboard paint to your collaborative spaces so people can jot down ideas as they come.

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7. Really Consider Furniture

To plan your commercial renovations or commercial buildouts, don’t forget to factor in furniture. Which office furnishings you choose plays a part in the tone of your office. Are you looking for more cubical like structures for people to concentrate? Or do you want longer tables and other open office furniture for easy teamwork and idea-sharing? Whatever you go with, make it unique to your brand.

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