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6 Essentials in Commercial Renovations

Mar 11, 2019 | Commercial Renovation

Commercial renovations are a great way to uplift the aesthetics, functionality and value of your space. Whether you’re rebranding, upgrading or refreshing, renovating your space is a major decision you make.

When you start planning, understanding your goals is often the first step to a successful renovation. For instance, you could ask:

  • Do you need more space for growth?
  • Are you wanting to embrace a productive environment for better business?
  • Do you want to boost your revenue by renting out the place to other businesses?

No matter your aim, there are some essentials that you must follow to help with your renovation. Read on to learn more!

1. Think Long-Term

Remember that the purpose of your space might change over the years. Hence, it is best to think ahead before you begin your commercial renovations. You might need more space for employees, extra storage for growth, or flexibility to scale. Long-term thinking will promote smart decisions and reduce the need to renovate again soon.

2. Sustainability Matters

It’s no surprise that energy bills are a major overhead expense in all commercial businesses. When you’re renovating, it’s a good time to rethink your lighting, HVAC systems, and windows to reduce your energy bills.

“Try to renovate in a way that maximizes natural light and opt for energy-efficient light fixtures. This will reduce your costs in the long term.”

3. Cost and Timelines

Before you begin your commercial renovations, you need to set a realistic budget. For starters, you can list the things that will increase your bottom line. If something will contribute towards better business, it should be a part of your renovation plan.

You can discuss your needs with a reputable commercial renovations contractor in Houston and get a free estimate based on your needs. Besides, it’s important to set aside some extra time and budget for contingency. Everyone aspires to complete renovations in time, yet sometimes, there are things like permit applications and inspections that are beyond your control.

4. Functionality

Commercial renovations should improve functionality and productivity at the workplace. Even though style and trends matter, they aren’t as important as safety, functionality, and comfort for your team.

The ambiance, furniture layout, equipment placement, etc. should align with the brand image of your organization and the type of business you conduct. Your team should be comfortable in the environment and your customers should feel warm and welcome. Likewise, don’t overlook safety features, as compliance with workplace safety laws is your responsibility.

5. To Stay Open or Closed? Commercial Renovations

As a business owner, it’s important to consider whether you should opt for downtime or stay open during a business remodel. If your renovation will disrupt the daily work of your employees, you might need to shut down for a few days or consider moving. However, if you want to only upgrade the HVAC and security systems, your business can continue during renovations.

Also, you need to consider the timelines for the commercial renovations. If it’s going to take months, it might be a better idea to move than to shut down, as it can cut down your profits. The best way is to talk with your contractor and determine the ideal way to finish the project faster with the least disruption.

6. Which Contractor to Choose

Choosing the best contractor for the job can be the largest decision commercial renovations. Since there is so much at stake, you need someone who understands your vision and goals and has the resume and portfolio to back up their claim. You can find someone through references, and assess the build quality through their previous work portfolio

“Make sure that the design style of your contractor is in line with your company’s ideologies.”

Plus, you need someone who understands city codes and regulations and can offer remodeling ideas based on feasibility. Look for experience, durable build quality, friendly service, and great customer reviews. Lastly, consider taking quotes from a few companies so that you have a better idea of what works for you.

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