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4 Commercial Space Renovation Ideas

Mar 18, 2019 | Commercial Renovation

You’ve finally done it! After many months of hard work you now have an office that’s brimming with stellar talent. Now comes the commercial renovations to accommodate them. However, as you think about the working layout of the office, you wonder if it’s time for a change.

“I want to give my employees a working space they enjoy being in, but also get work done in,” you think. If you’ve been thinking about commercial renovations and need some ideas to get started, read on.

“Meditation spaces reduce stress and sick days.”

1. Meditation Spaces

Imagine this a moment: You’re working really hard to finish a project before the deadline. If you keep up the quick pace, you’ll meet the deadline easily – but then, right when you’re at the heart of it, you get stuck.

You know you need to finish on time, but with the way your brain is working, you’re getting nowhere. Enter the meditation space. In this space, you can provide mats for people to relax and recharge on.

The bonus of a space like this is that not only does it give people a chance to relax, but it can also lower stress. Lowering stress is one of the best ways to boost health and ensure that employees have fewer sick days.

According to an article at the Houston Chronicle, many big businesses like HBO and even Google have meditations spaces for exactly that reason. So how can you incorporate a meditation space in your office?

” Lowering stress is one of the best ways to boost health and ensure employees have fewer sick days.”

Use a room with large windows and have soft mats for people to de-stress on. You can have soft music playing, have pre-recorded guided meditations, or just keep the space quiet so people can take a noise break.

2. Yoga Studio

Another commercial renovation that helps de-stress employees is a yoga studio. It’s well documented that, if done right, yoga can not just reduce stress, but it can also boost productivity and increase mental clarity.

Let’s go back to the situation mentioned above. You’re working on a project with a tight deadline. You keep staring at the screen but can’t crack it. So you decide to take a break for some yoga. Then, right in the middle of your downward-facing dog pose, everything suddenly clicks. Your project makes sense and there are no blank pages.

According to a Psychology Today article, giving your brain a break was exactly what you needed. Even though you were focusing on the right pose and breathing, other parts of your brain were working feverishly to crack the problem at hand.

So can how you include a yoga studio in your commercial renovations?

You can use reuse the meditation space. As another Houston Chronicle article points out, you don’t have to offer yoga classes every day, but rather just a few times to a week to de-clutter the mind and relax the body. When it’s not hosting a yoga class, the space can go back to being a meditation/quiet room.

“Free-range workspaces allow employees to choose a working style that suits them.”

3. Free-Range Workspaces

One commercial renovation that we’ve talked about before is collaborative workspaces. We mentioned them because they can be a great way for small teams to meet up to talk about a project, touch base, or do some one-on-one training. We’ve also talked about private workspaces for when you need to concentrate. What about combining the two?

This is called a free-range workspace. So how does it work? Simple! Just have a few collaborative workspaces with a few private workspaces. With the freedom to move between workspaces, you can allow employees to get work done how they like. They can start out in groups then go solo or vice versa.

4. Green Geometric PatternsCommercial renovations

As we’ve mentioned before, now is the time to add a punch of color to the walls. You don’t have to go full-on rainbow, but a little color here and there helps boost productivity.

One-color that really gets things going is green. Whether it’s due to the color’s connection with nature, growing plants, or growth overall, green seems to be the “it” color offices love to use.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to slap a ton of it on the wall. You can get a little creative and use green in a geometric pattern. If you have green in your logo, you can even add it to the patterned wall for a little fun.

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