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Commercial Construction Houston

Houston Commercial Remodeling Services

From start to finish Everhart Construction will design, renovate and build out your entire commercial project. Our team of professionals will listen and guide you so that your vision is turned into reality both on-time and within budget.

Commercial Build-Outs

Our team has over 30 years of experience in design, construction, and engineering and we are ready to assist you on your commercial build-out. Whether you are remodeling a hotel, restaurant kitchen, or office space we can help you turn your vision into a reality.

Highly Aesthetic and beautiful presentations. Design matters and we do it all at Everhart Construction.

Stimmung Bathroom Remodeling

Our in-house designers will be able to provide the best looking construction that money can buy. More importantly we will guide you and work with you on choosing the look and feel of your new space. Law offices and Office space with exquisite wood finishings and the most modern looking architecture are carefully constructed by our team members. We use long term remodeling designers to accomplish the attention to detail needed for high end remodels and buildouts. Pride in our workmanship is what drives us and makes us invaluable to any business owner that will settle for only the best.

We aim to deliver within budget and on time.

You will get a true- bid, never an estimate. This will allow you to plan for the true costs of the commercial remodeling services from start to finish. The same goes with our time to completion. Everhart Construction has a high rate of accuracy when it comes to deadlines and we have the references that will speak to this reality.

  • Over 100 years of Custom design, build & remodeling experience.
  • Winner of the BBB award, 4 years in a row with an A+ rating.
  • 1300 Projects completed in 3 years. Not one complaint with the BBB.
  • We offer free next day consultations. Call today and we will have a friendly associate at your door tomorrow.
  • And we also offer true bids instead of ballpark estimates. Our goal is to paint a realistic picture that you can depend upon.

Corporate Office Space

From the minimal open workspace designs to high end and modern conference rooms, Everhart can provide the best in quality of service and end product. Every space needs to meet functionality as well as esthetic qualifications, and every environment is different. Over the three decades we have been in business, our experience has given us the knowhow to tackle any project build.

Office Kitchen & Breakroom Remodel

Commercial Kitchen Houston

Space efficiency, code specifications and overall durability are huge components when designing and constructing a commercial kitchen. Often times restaurants and facilities need to dedicate kitchen space instead of table space, but we understand the ways to have your cake and eat it too. Refrigerators, drawers and other storage solutions are key to making a kitchen easily manageable. We understand the challenges of all the city codes that regulate the good preparation industry. As well, we have decades of experience dealing with the challenging aspects of permitting projects for this particular industry. Although most importantly, we have the know how to construct durable, long lasting food preparation facilities for almost any budget. Avoiding kitchen downtime is crucial, so having the job done right the first time is imperative.

Everhart projects

Corporate Office Space | Everhart Construction

Corporate Office Space

From minimal open workspace designs to high-end, modern conference rooms, Everhart can bring your ideal workspace to you while providing our high-quality service…

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and gorgeous results our customers have come to expect from our team. We understand that office spaces must offer functionality without sacrificing form, and every office environment is different. Our three decades of experience in successful commercial remodels means you can trust our team to deliver any project build that’s beautiful and functional.

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Build Outs Renovations | Everhart Construction

Buildouts & Renovations

We have 30+ years of custom design, build & remodeling experience. A BBB award winner 4 years in a row, with an A+ rating! 1,300 projects completed. Not even one complaint with the BBB.

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We offer next-day consultations. Call today and we will have a friendly associate at your door tomorrow.

We offer true bids instead of ballpark estimates. Our goal is to paint a realistic picture that you can depend on.

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Commercial Kitchens Everhart Construction

Commercial Kitchens

Space efficiency, code specifications, and overall durability are vital when designing and constructing a commercial kitchen. We understand the challenges that regulate the food preparation industry.

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Often, restaurants need to dedicate valuable space to the kitchen instead of tables, but with Everhart at your side, you don’t have to compromise.

Our team has the expertise to bring you beautiful design with functionality while conforming to all city codes and regulations.

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Deliver Within Budget | Everhart Construction

The Everhart Promise

We deliver on budget and on time. At Everhart, you will always get a true bid, never just an estimate. A true bid allows you to understand the actual costs of your commercial remodel from start to finish.

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You can expect excellence every step of the way with Everhart Construction. Our team highly values customer satisfaction and adherence to deadlines, and will always complete your project on time, within budget. We keep our promises.

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