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Walk-In Shower Cost: A Clutter-Free Breakdown

Aug 26, 2022 | Bathroom Remodeling

A slow moment of a refreshing oasis can jump-start your morning. On the contrary, the thought of grime in a small space can offset your mood, sapping up your productivity.

A professionally-installed walk-in shower is your ideal solution. Even if you or a loved one contends with mobility and balance challenges, your day will begin on the right foot. 

But researching and crunching the total walk-in shower cost can be depressing. What if we told you that we’d done the legwork for you? Let’s dive deeper:

How Much Does a Walk-in Shower Cost in Houston?

Here’s a short answer: The cost of a tiled walk-in shower in Houston, Texas, varies greatly. The figure can sit anywhere between $4,200 and $8,500+.

We see you wondering, “why such a huge range?” 

Like in any other construction project, the final cost of installing a walk-in shower depends on various factors. Needless to say, a simple and small shower doesn’t require you to shell out the big bucks. 

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For the long answer, let’s dive deeper into several factors to consider:


The cost of tearing out the old shower ranges from $500 to $1000. Expect to pay an extra $250 for removal of debris.

How about going the DIY route to save this cost? Your partner or other family members can also throw their hands on the deck and have fun while at it. Sure, you’ll need to spare some time for this job, but the results don’t need to be professional. 

But the demolition cost or homework won’t be there if you’re starting from the ground or fitting a shower for the first time.


Plumbing Work

The existing bathroom plumbing will most likely not cut it for the new walk-in shower. A professional plumber should step in to handle the water lines and install:

  • new shower valves
  • draining system
  • position drains etc

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact figure regarding the cost of plumbing. Depending on the amount of work, expect the cost to fall anywhere from $800 to $2,000.



Your walk-in shower price also depends on the type of material. Your shower surrounding can use either tiles, concrete, or stone. 

  • Standard tile surround

Tiles for the shower surround come in various types and designs with varying prices. Here are the options to consider:

  • Ceramic ($1/ft2 to $45/ft2): This is the most common and cost-effective type. 
  • Porcelain ($2.70/ft2 to $9.50/ft2): They give a more traditional aesthetic but don’t have patterns.
  • Travertine ($4.75/ft2 to $27/ft2): Travertine are products of limestone. They come in various finishes, such as tumbled, polished, and brushed. 
  • Glass ($19/ft2 to $27/ft2): Though glass tiles are costlier than most options, their sleekness and smoothness give your shower a unique aesthetic. 
  • Stone tiles surround

Manufacturers create stone tiles by blending crushed stone particles using resin. The final product looks like marble slabs, and the resin gives it waterproof qualities. 

That stony aesthetic you desire will cost around $10/ft2 to $52/ft2 depending on the type:

  • Simple natural stone: It costs lower than others (from $10/ft2)
  • Cultured marble ($600 to $2000 total): You have to dig deeper into your pockets due to its high-quality and attractive finish
  • Cement surround

Cement can also be an excellent material for your shower surround. It costs around $1.80/ft2 to $9.50/ft2, providing a cheaper solution than stone-based options. 

However, this option gives a bare appearance- they rarely come with attractive patterns. 

  • Waterproofing: $950 to $1900

Water is your buddy in the shower but an enemy to your tiles and stones. That’s where a waterproofing material comes in to prevent wearing.  

A contractor will include waterproofing in their tiling work. But if the tiling is a DIY project, don’t forget to buy a waterproofing membrane to install over the tile. 

The waterproofing membrane goes at $950. But if you include professional installation costs, the figure can jump to $1900.


Shower pan

A walk-in shower needs a shower pan since there’s no unit or tube to drain away water. Basically, the pan is your shower’s floor. It should slope gently to drain water towards the drain. You can opt for:

  • Prebuilt shower pan: Around $950
  • Customized shower pans: $2000 to $2400. Excellent if you desire a pan that matches your shower surround’s general feel and look. 

Besides preventing damage, excellent draining keeps black mold and mildew at bay. Molds release spores that can lead to allergic reactions and breathing problems. 



This crucial shower fixture had to have its subtopic. After all, you’ll always look forward to getting a relaxing and uninterrupted splurge. 

The good news is that they’re not as costly as other things. But it would be best if you considered several factors when hunting for one:

  • Showerhead type

The market has single-setting or multi-setting types of walk-in shower heads. 

  • Single-setting ($27-$520): It delivers consistent water pressure, i.e., you cannot change the flow.
  • Multi-setting ($54-$100): It has several water pressure options, allowing you to enjoy a pulsing stream, gentle mist, or a gush. 
  • Showerhead finish

Here, you’re dealing with the showerhead’s material. The finish can drastically alter your shower’s overall look and feel, even though it’s easy to overlook it initially.  

Here are common materials:

  • Bronze: $60 -$600
  • Nickel: $50 – $500
  • Chrome: $25 – $400
  • Stainless steel: $25-$50
  • Plastic: $20 – $30

Plastic is a default choice for many people due to its cost-friendliness. But even if you’re in a cost-saving mode, you can still get high-quality options at affordable prices. 

  • Number of showerheads

Want to turn your shower into a luxurious space? Add multiple showerheads with different functions.

For example, install a waterfall showerhead on your ceiling and some massage ones on the walls. You can have a hand-held one to hit those hard-to-reach spots. 

However, that means your walk-in shower prices will shoot up. Multiple $100 by the number of showerheads you desire to get a rough total figure.

  • Other shower fixtures

After getting the surround and shower head done and dusted, the next task is to install fixtures and complete the final plumbing. The cost figures will depend on the accessories you desire to have. Here’s a breakdown:

  • LED lights: $100 – $270
  • Exhaust fan: $200- $900
  • A shower valve: $200- $520
  • Shower bench: $270 – $750
  • Hand bars: $45 – $270
  • Final plumbing: $800 -$1,150

You don’t have to install all these accessories at once- go slow on your budget. But if you need a greater accessibility level, hand bars and bench should be your priorities.


Shower doors and glass panels

Doors and panels help separate your walk-in shower from the other bathroom areas. While they’re optional, they inject an aesthetic look and keep moisture away from the rest of your bathroom. 

Depending on labor and materials, the cost of doors and panels varies. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Simple glass panels: Around $1400
  • Sliding glass doors: About $2800- $2900
  • French: $1000 – $1500

Overall shower layout also comes into play when selecting doors. For example, a French door isn’t suitable for a curved shower. 

Bathroom space is another factor to consider. Sliding doors are preferable for small spaces since they don’t need any additional space to open. 

Textured, frosted, or tinted glass doors or panels can boost your shower’s look. They’re also great if you desire privacy. However, such advantages come with an extra cost compared to the traditional clear panels. 

Doors and panels aren’t necessary. You can even use a curtain, shaving some dollars off your budget.


Specialized Handicap Walk-In Shower

Will a person with a disability or an elderly individual be using the shower? Ensure you adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) codes. The regulations are particularly crucial in commercial properties like nursing homes. 

There shouldn’t be any barrier that prevents wheelchair users from accessing the shower. For example, the floor shouldn’t have any steps or a curb. Also, remember to install a shower bench and handrails for stress-free usage. 

The total cost for this unique shower ranges from $2800 to $5700. Once again, it all boils down to the specific accessories required.



It’s hard to pin down the exact hourly rates for your project. But it boils down to the contractor and your location. 

A rough estimate is $100/hr to $150/hr for the whole walk-in shower installation. The figure might go up, though.

Your best bet is to get quotes from several contractors in your locality and crunch the average. Even as you look to cut down the costs, remember to cherry-pick a company that knows its trade.


Everhart, Your Walk-in Shower Wizards in Houston, Texas

So, how much is a walk-in shower? We believe this article gives you a rough idea of calculating your walk-in shower cost. But the whole process, from cost estimations to installation, can be time-consuming and demanding. 

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If you’re not sure exactly how to turn your dream concept into reality, don’t worry. At Everhart Construction, we have the skill and experience needed to take care of all the technical details. To learn more about room additions and home remodeling in Houston, TX, contact our team right away.

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