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Top 10 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Jan 6, 2019 | Bathroom Remodeling

This New Year, give your bathroom a makeover with exciting bathroom remodeling ideas.

A well planned bathroom adds style and opens up the space for a comfortable feel. Not only does investment in a bathroom remodel add great value to your real estate, it’ll have everyone falling in love with your home.

From showers and toilets, to sinks and vanities, this round up covers all aspects of your Houston bathroom remodel.

Here are the top 10 bathroom remodeling ideas that are set to be all the rage in 2019.

Smart Bathroom Storage Solutions

Tired of messy and crammed cabinets?

So are we. Bid adieu to clustered bathroom spaces. Go for simple and compact storage spaces to promote minimalistic living.

Think about vertical storage, hidden cabinets, open shelving and hanging vanities. These make bathrooms appear less clustered and organized. This also opens up the bathroom space with practical storage options.

Keeping an organized bathroom promotes relaxation and mental peace.

Add Trendy Wood Accents

Warm and trendy wooden accents are making a comeback this year. The various shades of wood can be paired with any color you choose for your bathroom.

Whether you’re leaning towards a white, grey, blue, pink, yellow, or green color scheme, this is a great idea for your bathroom remodel.

You can also add a statement piece of furniture, wooden shelves or wooden panel flooring to bring warmth and earth tones to bathrooms.

If you fancy a rustic or barn look, use furniture and doors made from reclaimed wood to add character to space.

Wood accents complement all styles whether it’s the industrial, vintage, chic or barn.

Stay Elegant in White

Dreamy, creamy and classy! White just never goes out of style.

Whether it’s the good old white subway tiles or half white siding on walls, your bathroom instantly creates a light and bright space.

If you already have the white subway tile look, give it a fresh look with dark-colored grout dye like black or grey. This is a favored new trend because it doesn’t mold or stain easily.

Paint your bathroom walls white for a fresh and timeless feel. Also, you can customize this versatile look by adding a potted plant or succulent for a tropical feel. Additionally, keep it neat, clean and crisp for a sophisticated modern ambiance.

If you want to liven up your bathroom remodel, you can’t go wrong with white.

Include Comfort First Design

Comfort is in. The homeowners of the 21st century are tearing out large bathtubs and high toilet seats in favor of more practical designs.

Many opt for comfortable height toilets and a combination shower cum bathtub. If you want to enhance your comfort and the resale value of your home, go for;

  • Easy to use faucets and fittings
  • Easy to clean vanities and countertops
  • Aesthetic and functional designs
  • Curb less showers
  • Easy to access toilets
  • Floating vanities and cabinets
  • Concealed sink drainage

Add Dimension To Your Space with Custom Tiles

Don’t let your bathroom be boring and plain. You can add dimension and fun to your custom bathroom remodel with 3D tiles. These come in many customized varieties like organic waves, ergonomic design, symmetrical patterns and many more.

More so, give it a dash of bold graphics or a pop of color with new textures and shapes. Think exotic with inspiring designs like the Moroccan fish scale tiles, Portuguese Azulejo tiles or Mexican hand painted tiles.

Liven up your bathroom remodel with these eye-catching tiles.

Futuristic Bathrooms

It’s 2019 and our bathrooms are hi-tech with futuristic designs and smart gadgets. Wireless speakers, surround sound, bluetooth devices, docking stations, rotating televisions, smart shower-heads are some of the common trends.

Additionally, pamper yourself with temperature controlled floors and under floor heating.

At Everhart Construction, we have installed for our clients under the counter refrigerators (for a handy cold beverage), luxury makeup area with inbuilt vanity, inexpensive towel warmers (for cold winter mornings) and so much more.

And if you’re looking to increase your home’s resale value, affordable luxury fire features like a romantic cozy fireplace in the bathroom is the perfect way to remodel your bathroom.

Luxury Shower Experience

One of the hottest trends is a shower experience close to nature. It’s like bathing under the waterfall as did our ancestors. These indoor/outdoor bathrooms use electric privacy glass that converts clear glass panels into frosted obscured glass at the flick of a switch.

Using multiple showerheads and spray jet patterns add a statement to the conventional bathroom design.

Another affordable way to add luxury to your Houston bathroom remodel is adding a built-in portable bench for a Zen like shower experience.


Decorative and practical lighting solutions are a great way to add a touch of opulence to your bathroom remodel. Dare to try different lighting scones, chandeliers and puck lights to illuminate your bathroom. More so, use different color lights and fixtures to style up your bathroom.

Pet Friendly Bathrooms

Houston is a hub for pet lovers and even more the reason for pet friendly bathrooms. That’s why homeowners are remodeling bathrooms to incorporate a pet washing area with handheld sprays and hose to facilitate pet grooming.

Bathroom Expansion

The one bathroom remodeling idea guaranteed to increase your home’s resale value tremendously is a bathroom expansion.

More space means more room for remodeling. You can install the jacuzzi you’ve always wanted or add a little cozy reading nook.

Knock down a few walls and go for a bathroom expansion and renovation.

Consider Houston Bathroom Remodeling Ideas with Hire Everhart Construction

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