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6 Bathroom Fixes To Give Your Bathroom a New Look

Apr 12, 2019 | Bathroom Remodeling

Thinking about how to improve your bathroom or upgrade your space to set a more relaxing tone? Then home remodeling Houston from Everhart Construction is the place to be. It has more than enough transformation that is satisfying in design than those one would achieve through renovating the bathrooms. Home remodeling Houston offers more than just bottom makeovers. Still, you will find plenty of inspiration arising from such projects but they have refurbished touch.

The before-and-after bathroom images that this home remodeling Houston contractor offers reveal a perfect solution to any bathroom woes. Everhart Construction has got you covered with quick fixes and full bathroom remodels and upgrades, no matter what your needs.

Quick Bathroom Fixes

Quick Fix #1: Lighting

In most cases when the bathroom doors get opened, the toilet is the first thing you see. Not exactly appealing, huh?

Everhart Construction with home remodeling Houston makes it possible to see the beauty in your bathroom space. Open your bathroom door to a relaxing oasis instead of a toilet seat.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is with the right bathroom lighting. There are tons of varieties of lights to suit your style; however, make sure you plan your lighting upgrades with your specific bathroom in mind.

Everhart’s team of experts helps you incorporate accent, decorative, and ambient lighting to provide a well-lit space to make the room gorgeous and functional. Extra lighting is also installed based on how you use your bathroom!

Quick Fix #2: Adding Art

Maybe you’re interested in remodeling your bathroom to give it a new look, rather than starting completely anew. Thankfully, with a few small touches, it’s possible and affordable!

Hang some art up on your bathroom wall, install some mosaic tile, and add some beautiful accent pieces to really give your bathroom a beautiful upgrade.

Quick Fix #3: Choosing the Right Vanity

Everhart Construction is famous for its ability to help you pick the right vanity for your bathroom.

Vanities are not just about looks, but also about size. Upgrading your space isn’t complete without a vanity that complements your style, personality, and bathroom size. A remodeling contractor can help you choose a vanity that fits well with your space, colors, and decor style without going over budget.

Plus, they’ll be able to ensure your chosen vanity won’t interfere with bathroom traffic, usage, maintenance, or storage.

Quick Fix #4: Replacing Your Shower Head

Replacing a showerhead can be a simple task, but hire an expert if you’d like a more elegant touch to your shower. Everhart Construction offers so much more than showerhead replacement. We can make your shower a true oasis with stunning fixtures, beautiful tiling, and more.

With shower remodeling from Everhart, showering becomes a relaxing, soothing experience rather than a mundane daily task.

Quick Fix #5: Updating Fixtures

Home-remodeling Houston experts help you choose fixtures for upgrading your bathroom wisely. No matter what style you’re looking for, our team of experts can help you make sure it will work in your space flawlessly and give your bathroom a gorgeous makeover.

When remodeling, the designer pairs the fixtures with sconces, so the overall look is cohesive. They can also place your mirror in the best position to ensure the reflection is flattering and well-lit.

Quick Fix #6: Add Some Color

White is often the most popular color choice for a bathroom, but at Everhart, you have tons of choices when it comes to colors. Adding in a pop of color can make your bathroom look incredible. Add in some purple orchids in a vase, a brilliant piece of art, or some other colorful accent piece.

No matter what colors you desire, Everhart can bring your dream bathroom to life.

Make Your Home Remodeling

Houston a Breeze with Everhart Construction

With home remodeling Houston from Everhart Construction, you’ll get gorgeous bathroom remodeling results that fit form and function and increase the value of your home. Ready to get started? Contact our remodeling experts at 713-461-4434 today!

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