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How Much Does Bathroom Remodeling Cost?

Jul 10, 2018 | Bathroom Remodeling

You’ve just gotten out the shower when you notice another small crack in the tile. “Is it finally time for a bathroom remodel?” you wonder. “And how much would remodeling my bathroom cost anyway?”

If you’ve noticed that your bathroom needs a little fix, or you just want to update the style and feel, read on to learn what factors into the cost of bathroom remodeling.

The Types of Bathroom Remodels

The first and most important price factor of a bathroom remodel is the remodeling type. As you might have seen before in our other articles, there is no single type of remodeling. Bathroom remodels come in several versions and each has its own unique set of options to consider. The most common bathroom remodels are:

  • Converting half-baths
  • Updating
  • Layout changes

Read on below to learn more about each type of remodeling project.

“There are many types of bathroom remodels to fit your budget..”

Converting Half-Baths

Converting half-baths is exactly what it sounds like: taking a smaller bathroom without a shower or bathtub, and adding one. When you’re converting a half bath into a full you have to think about space. Will you need to expand the bathroom as a whole to fit in your new shower or tub? Or can you fit one into the bathroom you have without hassle? If you can, great!

Using the space you have can lower your bathroom remodeling expenses since you don’t have to think about expanding the space, or what rooms you’re expanding into. If you have to expand, consult with an architect first so the expansion fits the rest of your home with minimal disruption. Using an architect-designed plan is one of the best ways to lower cost because it ensures everything is planned for without any shocking surprises.

” Converting a half-bath into a full is a great way to use what you have to add value to your home.”


Updating is taking a bathroom and modernizing its look and feel for the 21st century. If you’re thinking of selling your home and want to get the most out of your resale, update your bathroom. It might get you a higher resale price than you expected and your home may sell faster because of your updated bathroom.

Some people are perfectly fine with remodeling a bathroom post-sale, but most want something they can enjoy on move-in day.

The best part about updating your bathroom is that you can craft the update to your budget! If you don’t want to spend too much, you can simply repaint or modernize the lighting to give your bathroom the 21st century feel it deserves. If you have a little money to spend, you can take your bathroom remodeling further by changing out cabinets, faucets, and tile. The only limit is your imagination.

“You can craft your bathroom update to fit your budget.”

Layout Changes

If you want to maximize your bathroom’s potential but minimize remodeling expense, think about changing the layout. Layout changes are when you take the bathroom you have and rework the floor plan to maximize its use.

Say you need to replace your aging tub? Instead of getting another tub in its place you could get a standing shower to free up more space for a bathroom closet, double sinks, or larger vanity.

Reworking the layout in your bathroom also gives you the chance to look at each aspect and decide what’s most important to you. Do you want more lighting? Or would you rather have that always stylish clawfoot tub? Get the most of your bathroom with a layout change.

“Layout changes help you figure what’s most important.”

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Okay, you’ve looked at the different types of bathroom remodeling and now know which one you’re going for. The next step is to look at the components of a bathroom and see which ones fit your remodel type and personal style. In the sections below we’re going to cover:

  • Shower vs tubs
  • Tile choices
  • Fixtures
  • Cabinets
  • Flooring

Showers vs Tubs

One of the major bathroom components to mull over is whether you’ll go with a tub, shower, or both! If you have young kids or love taking a break from the day with a soothing bath, go with a tub. There are many classic styles to choose from, including Safety Tubs® if you prefer walk-in bathtubs for easier use.

If kids aren’t a concern and you mostly take quick showers, go with a shower stall. You could even put in a resting bench to make the shower your own personal steam room! The bonus of choosing a shower stall is that simple showerheads cost only a few dollars or more. If you’re looking for a showerhead with more options there are high-end models that can be programmed to remember your favorite temperature and more!

If you’re thinking of reselling your home and are planning to completely remodel your bathroom, think about adding both. That way people can choose which works for them!

” Having both a bathtub and shower adds versatility to your bathroom.”

Tile Choices

Bathroom tiles are a great way to give your bathroom the look you’ve always wanted. If you’re opting for a simpler/less expensive tub you can jazz up the shower walls with stone or marble tile for an elegant look. You can change up the tiles near your sink to give your vanity a fresh look. Whatever tiles you choose, keep a few things in mind:

While earth-toned wood and slate tiles are becoming popular, not all types are suitable for the bathroom, so be sure to check what rooms the tiles work with the best to avoid ruined tile in the future.
All tile types shouldn’t be larger than six inches and should have grout between them for better slip resistance.
If you want a flawless look with minimal moisture concerns, go with granite, ceramics, porcelain, or marble.

If you’re worried about the cost and still want a more updated feel, try subway tiles. They’re inexpensive but come in so many different styles there is bound to be a version you love.


New sinks or toilets are great to revamp your bathroom without revamping your budget. There are many fashions of fixtures to choose from that are sure to fit your budget. Though there are few things to remember:

  1. Always work with an architect to plan out your fixures. You could spend a small fortune on great sinks and toilets, but if they don’t quite match, your bathroom will look makeshift and cheap.
  2. High-efficiency fixtures are a great investment because they’ll help lower utility bills and help the environment.

If you’re thinking of selling your home soon or in the future, updating your fixtures could be a great way to add resale value and general appeal.


Cabinets are a bathroom remodeler’s best friend. There are many inexpensive models to choose from, and cabinets can be refinished/repainted down the line for a quick spruce. As with fixtures, it’s best to match the cabinet handles to everything else for a single, unified look. So if you’re planning on changing the fixture style, match the handles of the cabinet as well.

The best part about cabinets is that because their handles are cost-friendly, you can change them in a snap when you need a quick bathroom update.

“Make your bathroom feel more elegant with matching fixtures and cabinet handles.”


Flooring sets the tone of the bathroom. Like tile, there are many kinds to choose from and how they handle water should be considered. This is especially true for any wood flooring you plan to use. Here are some general things to keep in mind when choosing bathroom flooring:

  1. Ceramic can be the most inexpensive. It’s naturally germ-resistant and easy to clean. However, its color choices differ depending on where you get it. So if you’re using ceramic in other parts of your bathroom, get it from the same source for easy color matching.
  2. Marble can be the most expensive per foot and should be installed by a professional. Marble may be prone to staining and does require regular cleaning, but if it’s installed right it can look quite beautiful and adds a lot of resale value to your home.
  3. Porcelain is a slightly more expensive ceramic and has a lot of pluses. It’s durable and, has many styles, varieties, and color choices; however, it does need a special compound for installation so keep that in mind when choosing bathroom flooring.
  4. Linoleum is great for bathrooms because it’s inexpensive, spill-resistant and waterproof. It has been known to expand and contract, so many contractors let the linoleum acclimate to the bathroom space before installation.

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