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Beautiful Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Jul 31, 2019 | Bathroom Remodeling, Home Remodeling

Beautiful bathroom remodeling ideas are a click away – no matter what you’re looking for.


You might think your bathroom would benefit from more storage. Or maybe you started researching and saving images for the best bathroom remodeling ideas on Pinterest. If so, then maybe it’s time to put effort into remodeling it.

“But where do I start and how much will it cost me?” If such a question runs through your mind, this article is for you.


So, keep on reading below to get ideas to remodel your bathroom.


Why Consider Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom is one part of your home which offers you utmost privacy. It is where you can let go, get away from everything, and relax. For many people, its not just a relaxation spot, but also a place that reflects their character.

For whatever reason, investing in a remodel is a great idea.

Also, rather than starting this as a separate project, you can save money with a complete home remodel instead.

Once you have decided to start the remodeling, the first to-do is to find the right contractor. Make sure to check their previous work and take suggestions from their past clients. Find an experienced contractor by checking their credentials on Better Business Bureau.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas You Can Use

Here are a few ideas to consider:

Think About Storage

Think about adding more storage space in your bathroom. Pay attention to your medicine cabinet. Make it roomier to hold extra accessories if needed. You don’t need to install a wall-mounted cabinet for more space.

You can also go for sliding shelves in the corner to double the storage capacity. Use the space below the sink to store towels and other things. Otherwise, have a free-standing cabinet over the toilet, screwed to the wall.

Waterproofing Is Good

Agreed that bathrooms are wet spaces, but you need to make sure to waterproof some areas. Avoid leaks and excessive moisture build up in the walls, floor, or ceiling. Waterproofing the bathroom avoids mold formation, mildew, seepage and other damages in the long run.

““A competent remodeler listens to his client’s needs and plans accordingly.”

For the shower area, install tiles on the wall to keep the water away. For the rest, use a moisture barrier, install the finished wall, and seal it. Use slip-resistant floorboards with large grout lines for better traction. And for ceilings, use proper ventilation and a waterproof paint.

Decide on a Shower or a Bath

Most people opt for baths without even considering the space available. The result would be a cramped bathroom and a fancy bath which they rarely use.

If you have a lot of square footage, think of getting a walk-in shower or a floor-to-ceiling steam shower. However, if you have a single bathroom, add a new bathroom instead of remodeling the existing one.

Moreover, it is very easy to improve the looks of your shower with a new shower head. Additionally, add a bright shower curtain to liven up the space.


Even though you may spend such little time in the bathroom, you shouldn’t neglect the lighting. Unfortunately, many people do exactly that. A light mounted on the wall, over the vanity mirror, casts a shadow over your face. You might injure yourself as you shave or apply your makeup incorrectly. Proper lighting can help your morning routine go smoothly.

Also, use proper lighting that illuminates the whole of the bathroom, not just one part. Again, you could injure yourself while navigating the bathroom in the night. For a fancy and classy touch, use accent lighting that offers a warm glow.

Plan With the Help of Your Trusted Contractor

Rather than living with an unsatisfactory space, improve your bathroom help of right remodelers. Go over your ideas with your contractor and discuss at length.

Come up with a bathroom remodel plan that suits your needs and fits your budget. Come to a decision about what kinds of materials you want to use. Be clear about the fixtures, counter tops, and design aspects.

“Fix your messy bathroom before the issues worsen.”

Always remember to choose quality over quantity. If not, you might be needing another remodel in the near future. Be prepared to face inconvenience and expect the unexpected. Make other arrangements until the project is finished. Typically, on average, it takes three weeks to finish a bathroom remodeling project.

A bathroom remodel not only improves your life now, but it also elevates the value of your home.

Bring Your Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Life Today!

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