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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Seniors

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Seniors

When considering bathroom remodeling ideas for the elderly, it is important to design an accessible and safe bathroom. It should facilitate the movement of seniors so that they can move around freely without the risk of injury.

A bathroom remodel designed for the elderly takes into account the need for medical equipment, wheelchairs, and restricted movement.

In other words, the customized bathroom should be easy to access, easy to use, and easy to move across. It should be equipped to make seniors feel steady, safe, and independent.

To achieve this, you can use a variety of options like safety bars, shower seating, walk-in bathtubs, accessible toilets, and more.

Read on for bathroom remodeling ideas that you will make your bathrooms safe and comfortable for seniors.

bathroom remodeling ideas

1. Non-slip bath mats, rugs, and flooringbathroom remodeling ideas

According to the National Institute of Aging, 1 in 3 seniors fall each year, and more than 80 percent of these falls are due to slipping in the bathroom. This is why our number one area of focus is the slippery floors.

You can fix this by replacing the bathroom flooring. However, if you’re looking for budget solutions, place non-slip shower mats and bath rugs outside the shower to prevent slips. Using non-slip tape for shower pans and the bottom bath tub is another effective solution to slippery surfaces.

2. Zero-Threshold Showers

For seniors that have difficulty moving or lifting their legs, a zero-threshold shower is a lifesaver. A shower has no curbs, which makes it easy to slide a wheelchair or walker into the shower.

As a result, these showers do not need doors. For this reason, we design the shower with trenches around the shower area so that the water does not go outside the perimeter. Additionally, the floor slopes towards the drain.

bathroom remodeling ideas3. Handheld Shower Head

In addition, installing a handheld showerhead makes for a more flexible and easier showering experience. Make sure you get anti-scalding mixer valves to protect your elders from scalds. And install the controls at an easily accessible height, especially for seniors in wheelchairs.

Alternatively, you can go for a sprayer attachment for the showerhead. This detaches so you can hold it for better cleansing. Further, you can use it while sitting thus eliminating the need for the senior to while taking a shower. As a result, seniors have greater independence.

4. Walk-in Bathtubbathroom remodeling ideas

Walk-in bathtubs are an ideal feature to add to your bathroom remodel for seniors. Unlike typical bathtubs, these don’t have high edges, so they’re easier to enter and exit.

They usually have additional safety features like non-slip surfaces, seating, and safety bars. Moreover, you can install the controls so that it’s easily accessible to the seniors.

5. Safety Bars

Handrails, safety bars, and grab bars help seniors move around the bathroom with more confidence. Install safety bars on all the walls in a shower. Place handrails next to the toilet.

Most importantly, put the safety bars at two different heights near the bathtub. This provides additional leverage wherever the senior might need to stand or sit.

bathroom remodeling ideas

6. Comfortable Toilet

If seniors are able to use the toilet independently, they find it a lot easier to retain their dignity. You can provide them this comfort by installing a comfortable toilet that is easy to reach. Add support bars near the toilet. Often raising the height of the toilet means they have to exert least effort to lower and raise their body. You may also consider the bidet as an alternative to the normal toilets.

7. Easy-to-Access Storage

Design the bathroom with a focus on ease of access. You can go for a modern look with open shelves. These are great for seniors who find it difficult to remember the exact location of everyday items. On the other hand, you can install pullout drawers instead of a cupboard. Adding pull-out shelving reduces the strain of leaning or bending over to reach everyday items.

8. Built-in Seating

bathroom remodeling ideas

It is taxing for seniors to stand for long spells while taking a shower. For this reason, we recommend installing a built-in seat or bench to facilitate easier showering.

If you are short on funds, get a portable bathing seat. This is a great way to give your elderly loved one a safe and comfortable showering experience.

9. Lever Faucets & Bright Vanity

Do away with the cumbersome twist and turn taps. Install lever faucets that are easier to operate. You can also make the vanity more senior-friendly by adding bright light fixtures that illuminate the mirrors. This is makes it easier on their eyes, especially if they have bad sight.

10. Wheelchair-Friendly

Ask your home remodeling contractor to take measurements of the wheelchair. Check that there is ample knee clearance so the senior can use the sink without discomfort or injury. Switch out doorknobs for levers and regular doors for sliding doors to make it easier for your loved one to navigate the bathroom.

Take the time to think through the needs of your senior and design a safe, accessible, and dignified bathroom remodeling plan for them.

Houston Bathroom Remodeling Solutions for Seniors with Everhart Construction

Get safe and accessible bathroom remodeling ideas in Houston with Everhart Construction. Just give us a call at 713-461-4434 or click here to request a consultation.

We work to maximize your budget, space, and time to deliver maximum value and return on investment. We deliver quality services to so that your home remodeling is senior-friendly.

bathroom remodeling ideas

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Seniors | Everhart Construction – Houston, TX

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