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We’ve all experienced it – our dream home turning into a nightmare. Perhaps it was once perfect for you, but now that your family has grown, your needs have changed. Maybe your kids won’t stop fighting over the bathroom day and night. Or maybe you want different things than you did when you bought your home originally.

Whatever the case, it can feel frustrating to live in a house that doesn’t work for you anymore.

And moving can be so time-consuming and expensive. No one wants to bother with the hassle of that. But what choice do you have?

Thankfully, we have an easier solution: bathroom additions. Everhart Construction’s team is highly experienced and knowledgeable about Houston bathroom additions. We can help you make your home a place you love to live again.

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You don’t have to move to live in a house you love.

Bathroom Additions Are a Great Way to Make Your Home Work for You

If your home isn’t working for you anymore, you don’t have to move. The easier solution is simply getting a bathroom addition to up your space.

two young girls who are angry and poutingSilence the Morning Bathroom Squabbles

You’ve got three daughters at home, all of which share the same bathroom. Getting them all ready and out the door in the morning is an absolute nightmare. They all need the space to get ready, but there isn’t enough space for all three of them to be in there at the same time. So this happens:

Every morning is the same. They all rush to get to the bathroom first. Whoever does, gets it for the longest amount of time. Meanwhile, the other two wait around or come use your bathroom instead. Sometimes they’ll bang on the door to get their sister to vacate the bathroom faster.

This leaves everyone feeling frustrated, rushed, and unhappy.

Instead of fighting over who gets the bathroom first, provide space for all three of your kiddos with bathroom additions. Then, everyone has their own space. No more morning fights, no more racing to get the bathroom first, and no more being late to school.

doll house bathroomStop Tripping Over Each Other

You share a bathroom with your partner, but it’s really built for one person. That’s fine, except for when it isn’t. If you’re both rushing to get to work in the morning because the power went out and you missed your alarm, a small space can be a nightmare to try and share.

Sometimes it feels like you’re in a tiny dollhouse.

You’re tripping over each other, trying to get to the only outlet in the bathroom, so he can shave and you can do your hair, and it’s just crazy.

You shouldn’t have to live this way.

Thankfully, with bathroom additions from Everhart Construction, you don’t have to. Or, if you prefer, we can remodel your bathroom, too! Whatever you prefer, we can make a bathroom space that fits your needs and saves you time and stress.

in-law suite bathroom with tub, large mirror, sink, and built in cabinetsProvide Space for Guests

The in-laws are coming over, and you’re stressing out because you don’t know where to put them. On top of that, you have grandparents visiting from out of town. Yet you only have one bathroom downstairs. What are you going to do?

Your small bathroom is already tricky enough for two people to use, much less six!

Here’s the easy, stress-free solution: bathroom additions.

With a bathroom addition, you don’t have to worry about sharing your bathroom space with guests. Instead, they can have a dedicated bathroom area all to themselves.

Get Started with a Bathroom Addition from Everhart Construction

Turn your home back into the haven you love with a bathroom addition from Everhart Construction. Our team is experienced and highly trained on building Houston bathroom additions that bring your dreams to life. Simply contact us online by clicking the button below or call us at 713-461-4434 to get started!

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