Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling ROI in Houston

Our previous blog detailed the highest ROI remodeling jobs in Houston, but failed to analyze the nation’s most requested remodeling projects: bathroom and kitchen renovations.  According to the NAHB, bathroom remodeling jobs are the most common jobs requested from remodeling companies at 78%, and kitchen remodeling projects are the second most at 69% in 2011.  We are comparing the ROI of Houston kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects against various metrics: initial cost, amount recouped, and cost in Houston vs. National average.  In addition, we will explore the various reasons that homeowners reported for requiring these renovations.

Why Kitchens and Bathrooms

Let’s face it, most of us can handle small remodeling jobs that pack a big bang such as painting, changing light fixtures, and even installing some tile or crown molding.  However, when it comes to complex jobs like kitchens and bathrooms, we call the professionals.  It is foolish and almost always devastating to take on projects of this magnitude without the proper tools, knowledge, or expertise.  In addition, kitchens and bathrooms are an essential part of our homes, and having them out of commission for longer than expected can cause major household upheaval.

Reasons Homeowners Request Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels

The answers are simple.  According to the NAHB, more than 50% of homeowners remodel their kitchens and bathrooms because they need to be repaired and/or they want to upgrade finishes.  This leads us to believe that homeowners are deciding to stay in their homes longer, upgrading fixtures, appliances, and finishes instead of buying newer homes.

Some of the less common reasons that homeowners remodeled their kitchens and bathrooms are preparing to put their homes on the market, increasing their home’s value, and an increase in family size.

Houston Bathroom Remodeling ROI vs. National Average

Good news Houston homeowners! If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom you are going to recoup roughly 75% of the cost.  This is 13% more of a return on investment than the national average of 62%.  The national average cost of a bathroom renovation is $16,500, about $1500 more than a Houston bathroom remodel.  A Houston bathroom remodel for a median priced home costs about $15,000, so you should expect to recoup about $11,000 of that on average.  This is an average cost, however, so if you play your cards right and do your research when choosing contractors and materials, you may just end up recouping more.

Since bathroom remodels are the most requested project from homeowners across the country, it is worth doing your research and exploring the comps in your neighborhood to ensure that you don’t under or over invest.  Also, you may consider going with more traditional fixtures if you plan to put your home on the market any time soon.  If you’re planning to stay a while, feel free to spoil yourself and create a unique retreat that reflects your personal taste.

Minor Houston Kitchen Remodeling ROI vs. National Average

If you’re planning on doing a minor Houston kitchen renovation, you’re in luck here as well.  A minor kitchen renovation costing approximately $19,000 in a median priced Houston home yields a 76% ROI.  That’s about 4% more of a return than the national average.  The national average cost of a minor kitchen remodel is $19,500, about $500 more than the same project in Houston.

A minor kitchen remodel involved changing out fixtures, flooring, appliances, counter tops, and basically re-facing a kitchen to update it.  It doesn’t involve changing the configuration of your kitchen, adding new plumbing or cabinets, or taking down walls.

Major Houston Kitchen Remodeling ROI vs. National Average

Houstonians once again hit a home run in the competition for higher kitchen renovation ROI vs. the national average.  A major kitchen remodel costing approximately $54,000 in a median priced home yields a 70% ROI, trumping the national average of 66% ROI.  The national average cost of a major kitchen remodel is $57,500, about $3500 more than a Houston kitchen renovation.

This is a large investment, so if you’re planning on undertaking a major kitchen renovation, be prepared.  If your kitchen is in dire need of a renovation because of damages that are far beyond cosmetic, then a total kitchen renovation is probably in order.  This is something to consider when buying a home; if it is going to need a total renovation vs. a minor one, the large difference in investment should be considered. Also, if you’re planning on staying in a home for a while, do the major kitchen renovation first so that you can enjoy it.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Considerations

The length of a kitchen remodel varies depending on the scope, so be sure to get a completion date from your contractor and if possible, a written guarantee with concessions if not completed on schedule.  Not being able to use your kitchen, and coping with the mess and noise that accompany the remodel, can be very difficult.

Bathroom remodels can also take their toll on your household.  Be sure that you have another working toilet in your home that is accessible to everyone for the duration of the project.  If this is not possible, consider staying at a hotel or with a friend or family member until the job is completed.

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, make sure you research prospective remodeling companies before you decide on one.  Check with the BBB, Chamber of Commerce, and research their history on the Internet.  There is a wealth of information and non-partisan reviews available online to assist you in making the right decisions.  Talk with your family and friends to see who they have used and recommend.

Good luck with your renovations!

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